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  1. Just Dance 2017. My kids played it for half an hour and earned me an easy 75 points!
  2. Jackbox Party Pack - Fibbage. I've played this game with friends and family many times, everyone enjoys it, and it's even more enjoyable when slightly drunk. Spec Ops: The Line is a game that you play sober, but then need to drink heavily immediately after. Probably not what you're looking for
  3. You're talking about the Nyko zoom, right? My experience is, give it a miss... I bought one for my sister and we couldn't get it to work any better than normal Kinect in her small lounge room
  4. Not quite the same. Still lacks the ability to stream games from Xbox to your mobile. Microsoft really missed a trick here. Imagine if they'd launched a Surface Phone 2 years ago AND an Xbox phone. Xbox phone would have worked via Bluetooth/wifi with an xbox controller, played any gaming title in the MS store, allowed remote play over local network to your Xbox one... And maybe stream games from your Xbox one to your mobile handset anywhere in the world. If they'd have done this they could have conquered both the mobile market and the gaming market... Oh well, all just a pipedream now!
  5. I was able to play some WP7 games on my Nokia Lumia 920, I recall - but have since sold it so can't test.
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