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    Gamer, Furry, Brony, SJW/TRL Hater
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    VideoGames, Cartoons, Yiff
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    Surviving in Venezuela

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  1. I know Im very late to the party but... Are the servers from Defiance on 360 down?... And if that so... WHY DA HELL no one Update their guides here?... >:[
  2. Howdy, I want to get the online achievements in Crysis 3(I don't have the DLC) If anyone is interested feel free to write to me Gamertag: Milher
  3. Hi there, if anyone want to boost the online and DLC achievements from Kameo, please let me know Gamertag: Milher
  4. Hi there, Im seeking people to boost all online achievements in Dead Rising 2 (X360) if anyone is interested feel free to write to me Gamertag: Milher
  5. Gamertag: Milher Game: Can it be ANY game? Can it be from 360? If I win... If it can be from 360: Oblivion If it has to be from Xbox One: SunSet Overdrive If it has to be any one from the list/pic you showed, then: Sea of Thief Sorry for so many "If"s XP But you need to be more clear in your rules in order to help poor people like me XD
  6. After seeking like crazy on old guides (I never thought I would visit again gamefaqs.com XP) I found that: Win 10 matches for Silver Ball Win 30 matches for Gold Ball Win 50 matches for Strange Ball In case that anyone else have this same question in the future, there you go
  7. Im trying to get all items in the game but only need those, I had been playing volleyball and nothing. Is there a special condition to obtain the Gold, Silver and Rare Balls? Like: "Win X number of matches" or "Just play X number of matches" or "Win X number of matches in a row" I only need one achievement and Im getting crazy because YOU HAVE TA HAVE ALL ITEMS WITH ALL GIRLS!... T.T
  8. Yes Im playing on 360, and good to know that in XB1 they fixed that "None-Date" problem, I just tried it today and it worked perfectly... -____- ' I guess it was just bad luck... anyway thanks for you quick answer ;D
  9. Hi everyone, I just bought the Sonic 3 game and I can not play while I'm online... I don't care about online record board, but when I unlock an achievement is not registering the date when I obtain it because the game think Im offline, But I'm Online and my internet is fine... And when I try to get back online on the Xbox menu while the game playing the game, it think it is an connection error... Is this a problem because Sega close its servers or something like that? Is any way to fix this?... Thanks for you time.
  10. GamerTag: Milher Prize Game: Burnout Paradise Remaster (And if it can be an Old Game: Rare Replay) XP
  11. Hi, I don't know exactly how this works, so anyone can help with the famous piñata achievement please?
  12. Gamertag: Milher Prize: Burnout Paradise ReMastered (Next month can be older games too?, I want SunsetOverdrive XP)
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