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  1. Oh, nice! As far as I know, only the three secret achievements are missable and the rest are story related. The other two secret ones are pretty easy to come by, but one is fairly late into the chapter, so missing it might be a pain.
  2. Only achievement I missed on my playthrough, pretty sure I looked almost everywhere. Honestly though, I probably just walked right past it without realising I could interact. Anyone have any idea where to find the pastries and how far into the chapter it is?
  3. Hello, TehJofus. :) I'm processing your X1 Max Club sign up and just wanted to let you know that your updated count for X1 Max Club points is 295, rather than 296. You had 5 sign ups for 1 point each (no Spotlights), and your previous total was 290. If something has been missed, or if you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks! :)

  4. Gosh darn, that's impressive. I keep forgetting to play and still only have one character at level 7
  5. Well, it's that time again, when I remember that this exists. Hi! I'm the kind of person who can only really get obsessed with one thing at a time. Over the past year, it's been gamerscore, so my comic book collection has been suffering. But a couple of months ago, I went a bit mad and ordered over £200 worth of books at once, soooo I think that obsession might be back. Recorded a little unboxing video of the delivery, if anybody fancies a watch. [ame] [/ame] Obviously, most of that will be meaningless to non-comics fans, but to me? That delivery was like [insert local sports team] winning the [insert prestigious event].
  6. Yeah, don't remember which video it was but I was watching it and looked at the Youtube name and was like "Hmm that seems familiar." Then I was looking at the Xbox One Max Club for Pinball and was like "Holy shit that's why I know that name>" Small world eh? :-)

  7. Ha, really? Cool! Glad they helped :D

  8. I'm an idiot. Just realized I've been using some of your Pinball FX2 videos to figure out how to get some of the achievements. Thanks for doing those, much appreciated. :-)

  9. Honestly, Deadpool is one of the harder tables to play, so if you can reasonably manage on that one, you're probably set. But I'd definitely say the Fox tables are really fun, especially Bob's Burgers. And I just got the achievements for the 3 Aliens tables over the past 2 days and can say that they're pretty fun too. The Aliens table is great, since it has all the soundbites from the movies.
  10. Kind of forgot this existed. My bad. But anyway, ALIENS TABLES FOR PINBALL FX 2! You might be able to tell I'm excited. I absolutely LOVE Pinball FX 2, I must have put about 80 hours into it on Xbox One and another 5 or 6 on Windows 10. ...and I've also spent about £70 downloading extra tables, but let's just ignore that for now. Anyone else play it? It seems like a bit of an underrated game around these parts (possibly because it has some of the hardest achievements ever).
  11. I've put you in for the X1 Max Club Apprentice Award. You can see the leaderboard below.




    Well done!

  12. If anyone wants to try and go for it, happy to help out! I think it only unlocks if both players have added the other. That's the only way players show up on the in-game friends list.
  13. The guide for Cell-ebration doesn't seem to work. For day 2, I can't give the potion makers the fly. They just tell me that they need food and I have none to give them, since I had to feed myself.
  14. I told Margaery the truth, refused to marry Morgryn, gave Cotter a merciful death, can't even remember for the fourth one but Ryon ended up living anyway, and decided to return to Ironrath with Gared. But none of that matters. The only important thing is that Beskha survived!
  15. Honestly, I don't have the patience for dummy accounts. I've got about 5 and that's my limit. Any more effort would kill me But I lied, I'm trying again. I have 60-ish plays/downloads on a world after 7 hours, so this one is looking good. It's actually a remix of a remix of the world I mentioned above! If anyone has the Windows 8 version and wants to give it a go, just go here; http://www.projectspark.com/#world?id=8019173 and click 'Play Now' in the bottom corner. Should load it up for you on your computer! ...alternatively, search 'Fallout 4' on Xbox One, but make sure to pick the right one. Edit: You'll all be pleased to know that I got the achievement! Only had to make an extra 2 dummy accounts last minute
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