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  1. Can anyone confirm that with the backwards compatibility the $19.99 DLC will be free as with other games with gold games?
  2. I need the online achievements on this if you guys are on.
  3. The tracking for the DLC's aren't working on this game, when you check their box and refresh they still remain. Any fix?
  4. Does anyone know how to contact EA about a glitch in their rules logic I was playing an opponent in Ultimate Team and he was doing an extra point. He accidentally got 2 delay of game penalties moving his kick back to 42 yards which I guess he thought was too hard. He then called timeout and chose to go for a 2 point conversion instead but EA put the ball at the 2.5 yard line. That's the normal spot without the penalties and that's now how it works in real life. Thanks
  5. I am finishing this up 7 years late on my Xbox One now that there is backwards compatibility. Problem is when I go into the marketplace the DLC isn't available, do I need to buy it on the 360 then the Xbox one will know or how can I get the DLC to work on Xbox One? Thanks
  6. Lag is so much more prevalent in this game mode than any other.
  7. No. They announced that the new Guitar will have 6 buttons so this isn't even possible. Way to ruin something so simple by changing it.
  8. Haha. $250 to be able to completely play the game! System barely costs more than that! Wireless stuff works but not wired? That's absolutely amazing!
  9. Admin; myachievements have me at 46 and wont change to 55 even though I completed the game. I check all as finished and it updates but only shows 46 of 55... its glitched.
  10. Last achieve I need and spent so much on it, can someone please donate some coins as soon as I get it I'll pass them on. Gamertag: Chris Hoke
  11. Boosting online achievements 4-6-14 please add me
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