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  1. Hello, If i try to Start Rock Band Blitz it does scan for Songs and then trys to Connect to Rock Central. But there it stucks. Always! I waited ~ 90 Minutes but Nothing. I Deleted the Game and Re-Downloaded it and also tried it on my Second XBox 360 but its always the Same. If i use a New Local Profile the Game works fine... I think its maybe cause of some Song DLC or Export but i don't want to Delete all my Songs for Test cause re-downloading would take Ages... Any has the Same Problem or/and maybe a Solution? Best Regards GReeN 8K
  2. In the Case of Spartan Assault (and some Others) you have only to Buy Once for WP8 and W8 Version cause it's a Universal App like Microsoft calls it. Also you get Discount on XBox 360/One if you Bought W8/WP8 Version. :-)
  3. I Found and Bought all Cahrakters and still didn't get it... Seems to be glitched for me and also i will never get 100%... :-(
  4. I finally got all Golden Bricks and bought the last Charakter (Voldemort) Today but still the Animagus Achievement did not Unlock. Has Someone an Idea? I think i did nothing Wrong, but i also read nothing about that Animagus i Glitched. Hope someone can help me. I don't want to Replay the hole f*cking Game.
  5. You have to Purchase it again. Would be great if not but it is not so... Also you cant Use you MS Points for Apps... For Music and Videos you can Use it... Stupid Thing...
  6. I still wait on my 800 from October Deal and the Last 400 Deal... :-( Maybe this time i sit out till all of my points were refunded.
  7. I still don't got mine today. The XBox Support told me to Wait till December 15 now... :-(
  8. In Austria and Germany its also up. I queued it already on xbox.com
  9. Thats only for XBox Live Arcade! Much Games on Demand and XBox Originals are Bigger that 2 GB!
  10. Every Week Rock Band / Guitar Hero Content comes out that Work with 2 or more Games without a Problem. That is also the Way Valve should have made this DLC, 1 Time Buy and works with Both Games... Also its not Really the Same Content the L4D1 Pack is muc smaler cause the L4D2 one has No Mercy... So its like Relasing 2 different DLCs for 2 Games which they do every week multiple times! I was thinking about picking both games up for PC on Steam which costs about 10€ (including all DLC for Both!) at the moment... But here in germany i would only get cut versions... :-( So i have to Wait for the XBox DLC...
  11. I tried it but it worked not... :-( Looks like we have to Stay at 900/1000 at this one...
  12. I Have the Same Problem... Is there Any Chance of a Fix or a Workaround?
  13. I also was there on 31st cause of the Post here... Can i also get my Award?
  14. I am not Completely Through but i will Try this when i am at the Point...
  15. To Get all "Updates" Like New Teams for Champions League or New Jerseys for the Teams.
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