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  1. I'll go ahead and throw my monkey wrench into the pile. The only good thing about Gears is horde, And Fable is awesome😜
  2. 500 completions and 800k are definitely getting smashed this year
  3. Buy a subscription lol. The site needs the ads to make some kind of money
  4. Doesn't look like that bad of a completion to be honest. The money and travel distance achievement might be the grindiest ones depending on game mechanics.
  5. Does that mean we might be getting World of Warcraft on console?🤔
  6. I'd be down to play zombies with you if you need help with it. It'll give me another excuse to hop back on it
  7. Figured I'd update in case anyone cares lol. Finished up Vanguard multiplayer and zombie achievements. Now all I have left is campaign which I'm looking forward too. Finally started Diablo II a couple of days ago with a buddy and I'm liking it so far. Beat act 1 so far. Surprisingly it's more difficult than I would have imagined.
  8. Is there a difference in the subscriptions? Does one provide more perks than the other?
  9. I was talking about the subscription for this website
  10. Can someone link ya boy the place to purchase the subscription? Maybe I'm dumb and don't see it...?
  11. That's where the easter egg comes into play lol. The idea of trying to figure it out while going through rounds adds a certain difficulty factor that I enjoyed. I will admit though that the easter eggs that required 4 people would be a bit of a turn off for solo players. I'm not that deep into the whole lore of the storyline or characters like some of the other nerds are. I just like sitting back and killing zombies for a few hours lol. I hope they do something with the camos. The PAP "camos" they added are laughable. My body sure does feel old lol.
  12. The lack of stuff to do makes it not that fun for me. There isn't an easter egg. The map itself is super small (I wouldn't consider the objectives a part of the map). Ever since BO3 zombies, I feel like they've made it ridiculously easy for anyone to just hop on and play and do well. Maybe that's just because I'm older and I remember grinding round 60s back on BO1 and BO2. Not to mention, the Dark Aether camo is hideous lol. So glad I'm just going for the achievements and not trying to grind it out.
  13. Been grinding Vanguard the past couple of days trying to knock out the level 55 achievement and 10k kills achievement in zombies. It's a real let down seeing how trash zombies is this year.
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