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  1. Has anyone got this game to feel even half decent using a fanatec wheel? The force feedback is shithouse. I'm soo dissapointed. No feeling of being connected with the car whatsoever. How does it drive with the MS wheel, as I havent tried it yet, its been gathering dust in the corner since I got my fanatec.
  2. Has anyone had any of the achievements glitch on them on the PC version?? I platinumed my last DC challenge last night, and it popped up with '5 achievements unlocked for 120g' which would have been 'Gymkhana Aficionado' 'DC Silver' 'DC Gold' 'DC Challenger' and 'Platinum Performance' I'm not sure where the 120gs came from as these 5 dont total 120gs.... When I went to check my list 'DC Challenger' and 'Platinum Performance' are still locked My career stats say 100% and 26/26 DC challenges complete.. It shows everything is platinum when I go to the events in dirt tour too. I tried recovering my live profile but it didnt help I really dont want to have to replay most of the game again as I have the 360 version as well to do. Anyone else had this problem? EDIT: All good now, just did the last event again and it then unlocked. phew!!!
  3. Thats how we did it on dirt 2 as well
  4. I played for a bit over an hour last night and i'm more than 10% through already.. All the stages so far seem really short too, taking less than 2 minutes to complete.. Do the stages get longer as the game progresses?
  5. So far I'm struggling with the platinums using the controller, but I havent used my wheel yet though. I'm always better with the wheel so I wont pass judgement until I've tried it out.
  6. While I havent had full freezes, it does seem to stutter for about a second every now and then, usually while trying to keep a line through a corner, usually causing me to end up in a ditch or a tree Other than that, its pretty good so far.. Just wish you could skip all the dribble and just jump in and race
  7. It doesnt look like it.. I bought viva pinata for my girlfriend to play with MS points on my tag, but it wouldnt let her play it on her tag.
  8. I dont know if anyone has said it yet, but when you get revived as an attacker, you still get a death, but your team gets another life back on the score board. They could do something similar to black ops in last stand mode, a 'Press X for cowards way out' which kills you straight away rather than waiting the few seconds in which you can be revived before you die.
  9. I'll put money on it that they'll nerf the damage the huey takes from gun fire in a patch just like they did in BC1. A squad of 4 can take it down with pistols really quickly as it is now. It makes for some serious LOL's when when you see the +100 Destroy Vehicle after shooting it with the m1911.
  10. how many bears could bear grylls grill, if bear grylls could grill bears?
  11. what a waste of time... who plays squad death match and squad rush anyway???? They would have been better off making all new maps, or rush maps for attacama desert and panama canal at the very least, although attacama is maybe a bit too open for rush. Panama has real potential though. Luckily its free..
  12. I havent tried cheats in this, but if its anything like GTA you'll probably have to reload your last save to deactivate them
  13. lol I'm with you on the save thing. I randomly camp fire saved my game, then continued on, and got pounced by a cougar. My horse died. Then I reloaded my save, did the next mission, then when I'd finished that mission, spurred to victory popped. Lucky I saved, as the mission count resets when you horse dies.
  14. Just try again, If you havent already saved after trying it, just reload it and try again. If all else fails, start a new save, do up to the missions where you get the lassoo and try again. Its not a 100% requirement, so when you get it just load your original save again. You wont take the honour hit that way either. Make sure you're in plain view of it too, not on the other side of the train or behind a rock or anything. I didnt bother with the bandana though. I got it first go on mine, and first go on a friends tag when we played the game at his place.
  15. One of my xboxs has been red ringing randomly since january, and had it e74 once. I just turn it off for a few minutes then turn it back on and its fine. Although, in the last couple of days the disc drive has started making some angry, screeching noises when its sitting idle at the dashboard with a disc in the tray, so it looks like its going to have to be sent away for warranty anyway.. luckily here in Australia it is less than a week turn around time for a repair, and I have a couple of spares sitting around here.
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