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  1. Meh. Not sure why they bothered, it looks better with letterbox enabled anyway.
  2. You'll hear a lot of the same voice actors in things, Liam O'Brien pops up everywhere for example, which is fine because he's an amazing voice actor, I generally watch anime in Japanese so I don't hear video game characters in that but you'll often hear the same Japanese voice actors over more than one anime too. It's not recycling at all, it's just the same as a director using the same actors for multiple films, voice actors need work, the voice actor for Lightning did a good job so why not continue to use her for other games? It is a little weird though as this is set in the same world as XIII but not a huge deal.
  3. The 40 seconds one was definitely the hardest, so dumb that he can just timer scam about 10 seconds worth of time if he uses his ultra, I don't see why you can't just block by holding back. I found the Ryu DLC harder but only because I didn't realise I had an air fireball. Getting 10 wins was pretty easy too once I figured out that Asura has an infinite combo in the corner and that activating the LT move makes you invincible making Akuma's Ultra 1 useless.
  4. I've been in contact with a Double Fine employee and gotten to the bottom of the Smoochies card glitch. The Mole boss has a 100% chance to drop you a card, the Kronoculus 2nd boss fight and the Crestwailers in the warehouse also drop them but they just have a chance to drop them and aren't 100%. The problem is that the enemies in this game don't respawn, so if you get unlucky like I have and none of those enemies drop you a Smoochies card then that is it, the quest becomes uncompletable and 3 achievements will be impossible to unlock without starting a new game. So to clear things up this game does have 3 additional missable achievements. The best workaround I can think of is to turn the Xbox off as you kill the Crestwailers if they don't give you the card but I haven't tested this so I don't know if it definitely works or not. Here's a link to my conversation with a DF Bert http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16534/ Edit: DF Bert has said that as the achievement isn't forever unobtainable and just missable it is unlikely that there will be a fix, so people are just going to have to be very careful when playing through the last section of the game if they don't want to do a second playthrough. [url=http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16534/][/url]
  5. This happened to me and I managed to get into contact with a Double Fine employee about it. They were unaware of this being an issue but searching through the games code he managed to find the problem. There are about 4-5 enemies in the game that can drop a second Smoochies card but they don't have a 100% chance to drop it and these enemies NEVER respawn once killed, so basically there's a 50% chance that this quest just isn't completable. If you know and you are looking out for it though then you could probably turn the Xbox off at the end of the fight if they don't drop it, I don't know how quickly the game will autosave though.
  6. Did you have any luck with this? I'm playing the Xbox One version and have completed the game, killed every enemy and grinded the infinite spawning enemies for about 2 hours now and still can't get a duplicate Smoochies card to trade. I've emailed Double Fine to see if they know about this or have any kind of fix incoming but as of now it seems like a bug to me and has stopped me from unlocking 3 achievements.
  7. For anyone interested I also deleted the game and reinstalled it today. I still had all of my gold and items that I'd bought in the shop up until that point but all of the in game achievements and missions had been reset. I can confirm that the achievement that had broken previously did pop properly this time for me too so this seems to be a guaranteed fix, just be careful with playing whilst offline.
  8. I didn't find the game disappointing at all, I actually really enjoyed it. The game isn't about jump scares, it takes the Silent Hill/Rule of Rose approach of psychological horror, using disturbing images and gory scenes, whilst mixing it with the gameplay of Resident Evil ie. Lots of weapons with ammo that you have to scavenge for, huge bosses, and the odd big action scene. The game also focuses a lot on story and is more of a mystery game in a horror setting. I could see why if you were going into it expecting lots of jump scares and incredibly intense gameplay at all times you'd be disappointed, but if you're a fan of old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games then you'll probably enjoy it.
  9. I hadn't been able to get the gifting achievement and had tried a bunch of times but ended up just giving up. Then when I came online today to download the free games with gold game I had 1000G.
  10. Think it is a Kinect thing, just go to the dashboard if you need to go and do something.
  11. I honestly have no idea what is wrong with developers. How is this a recurring problem in almost every fighting game that comes out and yet is never a problem in most other competitive genres. If you quit you should get a loss and your opponent should get a win. I just can't get my head around how stupid developers must be to intentionally not programme this into the game.
  12. Sleep: siestas siesta snores snore rests rest
  13. All it even needs is a loss for the quitter and a win for the player who didn't quit. I'm not a programmer but surely that isn't a difficult thing to programme into a game. Ranked is completely random so you can't boost it by just quitting out so I don't see why they wouldn't just do it like that.
  14. It's not so much the leaderboards being cheated by other people that annoys me but the fact that the stats are incorrect. Having a leaderboard and stats gives you something to play for and makes losing a bigger deal which ultimately makes you try harder and improve and just brings more fun to the game in my opinion. The fact that you can cheat the system by rage quitting just means that more people will do it. I'm getting tired of getting matched up against HATE IS MY FUEL who has over 1000 wins and about 200 losses and yet is terrible. I win every single time but he just quits when he's going to lose preventing me from getting a win and himself from getting a loss. It's just boring knowing as soon as I get matched up against him that I'm almost guaranteed not to get a win out of it even though I'm much better than he is at the game. It's to the point now where I can't go a few matches without someone rage quitting.
  15. I know it's not related to an achievement but the ranking system in this game is so bad it is unreal. The leaderboards are bad enough as it is. Only being able to look at the top 100 and it being based on just wins, not taking losses into consideration at all. The fact that the leaderboards are done so terribly wouldn't be so bad if the stats weren't so inaccurate. It's embarrassing that wins and losses when disconnects are involved is still being a problem in fighting games. It's 2013, seriously how do they not understand yet? If you quit the match you should get a loss and the opponent should get a win, end of. In this if your opponent rage quits not only does it not give them a loss or you a win it actually often gives you a loss for being quit on. I've had the same guy who's top of the leaderboards rage quit on me about 20 times in a row because he can't win and is still able to have a win/loss record that's about 90% wins. So basically in this game if you come up against someone with loads of wins and no losses they are probably terrible. And if you come up against someone with similar wins to losses they will probably be good. The leaderboards were bad in Mortal Kombat but I just don't understand how they could get it so wrong again.
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