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  1. Don't talk guff i saw the AC/DC one in Blockbuster yesterday.
  2. Wow dude, that is awesome, your games room is bigger than my damn house. Im going to be the first person to do a virtual tour of my collection and post it on youtube and embed it here. Lol, give me a week or so, i gotta tidy up Bout time, atleast you have a better storage solution now dude.
  3. Public matches are the same as ranked thats why guests cant go in coz everyone would sign in four and boost to shit. Vegas 1 does NOT support guess.
  4. Dude, your kids must love you. Lol. My gf hates me buying games and playing xbox so much how does your wife/girlfriend cope? My eldest daughter is 3 1/2 and loves all the kiddie games i get for easy points, you kids must be in heaven. Your collections is probably the best in the world, the ones higher than you on 360voice probably aren't legit copies tbh. I think ive played 280 but i do have a minimum wage job I did used to get 30% off at Blockbuster which did boost my collection, but im slowly getting smaller jsut sold 5 games. Do you keep games you 1k? Im really jealous now
  5. Wow, your completion % must be dire!!! Lol. 373 total is insane, you a a legend. How do you afford it if you dont mind me asking? EDIT: I looked at your tag and you have mostly 0 GS games, do you just put them in to make them show up or do you intend to go back and play them one day? Also are the all legit?
  6. Its a cheat you can do on the PC version Don. You can spawn anything so i bought it Im going to try do the 360 version legit 1st mind you. Is fooking hard though and nothing like Oblivion. Oblivion owns it so much. @ Stallion- Msg me when you wanna do more on The Club...
  7. Cool can't wait to see it. Im sure Jdm will be along soon to invite you to our group I only got 130-135 retail games I feel like shit now everyone has more than me. Lol. How many you got Mango? I'll have a proper count up soon as i am selling 5 on eBay atm.
  8. I just joined the group as i forgot at 1st. Oppps. BTW: The password is a little lame not be nasty
  9. First of awesome collection, second you NEED a new way to store your 360 games dude, seriously!!! That shit looks unsafe! Wouldnt wanna fuck them all up would you? When you get one repost a pic and not so bluury EDIT @ gooniesala - Hope its Ikea as we have that but never heard of the others. Games are cheaper preowned have a look on eBay but im not sure about the Aussie exchange rate last time i went i found $10 in the sea!!! It's was ok because the notes out there are made of plastic
  10. Was it the same as the old code? I did say that just not in as many words
  11. NO, not that. Right you cant get on XBL for this reason posted above, since this problem occurred have you earned any cheevo's? If yes THOSE need to be redone. To put it simple any cheevo's not on xbox.com need to be redone.
  12. My router points up and is fine. Putting it on its side causes nothing but trouble. Plus it looks ugly.
  13. Whats resnet? An isp? You probably need the wep code which is on the router, on mine if you dont put it in it will fail everytime! Why do you nothave access, are you stealing next doors internet? If so get the internet yourself as that is so moody if someone did that to me they would be bang in trouble plus its stealing.
  14. X1's are apparently better so i hear.
  15. If you recover your account you dont lose any saves or any offline achievements unless you got them prior to signing into live. So any you get now you will lose ones before and you have signed into live are stored. Just click delete gamertag only and your be fine. EDIT: I doubt this will fix your problem thoough as its designed that if your account gets knicked they cant use it. Try the old code you had.
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