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  1. the best thing to do when that happens is to stay on the platform with pete because me and my friend actually managed to get him stuck also and i we hid behind a little wall on the opposite side of him on the platform where his attacks did nothing and his minions couldnt hit us either. after we killed him we got about 3 seraph crystals and he also dropped the seraph shield big boom blaster.
  2. well the only good gun you could get from the torgue vendor is the DPUH which is very rare not alone getting a regular unkempt harold. the level of the guns in the vendor depends on your level. like lvl50 will get around lvl50 guns and same with lvl72 and OP8 except you get around lvl72 and op guns since you arnt able to just get the level of your character. i was playing on TVHM in someone elses game who was around my op level which was op3 at the time and we were finding op2, op1, and even some op4-5 guns and items.
  3. the easiest way i have found to kill pete is to glitch behind some pipes on the edge of room. the first time me and my friend did the glitch pete managed to get up into the glitch and actually got himself stuck. he was still able to hurt us with his attacks but that was easily solved by hiding behind a little wall in the glitch near him which made it easy to shoot and hide till he died. we didnt have to worry about the mimions since they couldnt see us behind the pipes. to be clear this isnt an out od the map glitch, it is just a glitch where you jump in a corner repeatedly till you float up onto a ledge that goes behind some pipes going from the wall into the floor. i think me and my friend just got lucky on getting pete stuck up there altough it was not the plan.
  4. i have found it to be not very hard to get alot of seraph crystals because i jump from pete to hyperius and sometimes the dragons. i avoid going to gee or verdious since they are hardest out of all of them. my and some friends went to kill gee and he is actually invinceable since the only way to kill him was with the acid pools that constantly lowered our shields and health to where gee would always win. i found a glitch in the map for verdious where you can kill him from under the map but the only thing you could use for that glitch to work were anything that dealt aoe damage since only the tips of his legs would come through.
  5. it gets easier as you get higher levels and legendary loot and that. i even have some problems getting kills and i a modded storm front that can do over 10 mil damage not alone on an op3 gunserker.
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