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  1. ich add dich mal in live, so wenig deutsche hier.. vielleicht könn wir ne runde quake zusamm zocken

  2. me likey. but no instagib = boooooo -.-
  3. after playing this for 2 or 3 hours, quake arena is imo easily one of the best arcade games that have been released on xbla. there have been 1200msp titles this year that i really couldn't see being worth the price tag, but not this one. there are flaws and some missing things, but in all i'm very happy with this...
  4. just played a game with a friend and we weren't able to find an instagib mode? did we just miss something, or is there really no instagib? (which would be a dang shame...)
  5. You've made many DR2 players happy.

  6. ... did anybody else also think this was too short and too easy? i'm not really complaining, as i really had fun with costume quest but after finishing it, it just didn't feel right. there should have been more content for the price point and at least a difficulty option. i mean, come on... this took 5 or 6 hours or so and i lost one single fight (and that was because i was on the phone and didn't pay attention to what buttons i had to push at the right time). anybody else feel that way? that said, i would be glad to see some dlc but i somehow doubt it that something will be released...
  7. already did it anyway lol

  8. yup. haven't downloaded anything while playing smb yet, but i had the exact same problem on case zero which is strange. so i guess this has something to do with something on microsofts end, as two completely different games from different developers share the same bug...
  9. i had similar problems on chapter 1. after replaying several levels and finishing everything off in that world i'm at badges 22/20 and 144% completion... currently i'm on chapter 3 but i haven't encountered anything similar in ch2 or ch3 yet, so this seems to be confined to ch1 (at least for me).
  10. i'm sorry but i will not do any further walkthroughs (at least not in the near future) as i don't have much time on my hands atm and i'd like to spend that time gaming, not writing... ;)

  11. Could you make a Melee guide for Dead Rising2 please

  12. Excellent work on the walkthroughs. Thank you.

  13. Awesome job on these weapon guides! Just wondering, are you going to make ones for the melee and novelty weapons?

  14. Thank you for your guides. Very Helpfull!

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