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  1. Fantastic game but many will be perplexed when they try and start a game and find that it says "Achievements Are Not Unlockable In This Playthrough". To allow Achievements to be Unlocked you need to be playing in IRON MAN MODE. This means you may only save on Exit. It basically forces the player to play the game and experience the consequences of their choices. Considering the game randomly generates the entire Universe every time you play a new game there's a ton of replay value. Hopefully this little piece of information makes the game less frustrating on start up. I was very puzzled before I figured it out.
  2. I remember watching this game and thinking it was amazing. Then watching the bosses batter people in trailers and thinking to myself "You're an idiot if you get this game". Nobody has given me as much trouble as the first general. The mini boss the OP struggled with for so long. Fighting the bull for the 2nd time... I must have been slashing at him for a full 10 seconds before I realised he was on his side and waiting to be Deathblowed. Unfortunately I don't think it's gonna get any easier... but then let's face it... The Generals, the Chained Ogre, Gyoubu all seemed insurmountable when I first saw them but now are notches under the belt. My tip to help you succeed... there is usually a Shinobi Prosthetic that will make a fight easier. It won't make it a Cakewalk, but for a Souls Veteran once you have the measure of the Bosses range of attacks they will make confrontations a lot eaiser.
  3. This game reminds me of "Morrowind". Didn't have the greatest graphics at the time of release... but the gameplay experience was 2nd to none. The graphics look a bit dated in "Outward" but so far the gameplay is excellent... so much detail in this survival RPG.
  4. "Tenchu" was all about being a stealthy Shinobi. To that end you had a Sound Meter and could even alert enemies by your smell. When I throw a Ceramic Shard and nobody seems to know or care... When I speedily run too close to some logs or a fire and cause them to smash and break... loudly... and nobody notices... I wonder if they planned to have sound as a gameplay feature and then backed off thinking it would be overkill with the difficulty spike?
  5. At first I had nightmares of "Ninja Gaiden: Black" where if it hadn't been for "Ninja Dog" difficulty being patched into the game I would have never made it past the first boss. I managed to "git gud" though. Well... a little at least. When you feel bad Youtube is the answer. Not to give you a solution but just to make you feel better watching all the people that are having an even harder time than you.
  6. That's excellent news. Thanks for the heads up on the right place to request new Forums and nice to know the boards are still very active. There's just so much volume when it comes to XBox Games, it's got to be hard to keep on top of it all.
  7. It's like the Nostromo on here. Came back looking for some advice on "Ages of Mages" and again... no boards. Have the Site owners packed in?
  8. It's a MOBA so it's probably under the same thing as SMITE but for the life of me I can't find it. It's on XBox, it has achievements... (it's pretty fun) Where is it? Cheers Az
  9. So despite publicly stating they were giving you all the content without having to pay extra there is a season pass. To be fair this game is so huge you can probably wait until the pass goes on sale. Plenty to play and keep you going. Amazing how true to the Lore this game stays. Space Marines are their 9 foot selves compared to you (You're not a Space Marine, you're an Inquisitor but you do get Power Armor). The game does a great job of making you feel like a boss... and then facing you with an enemy that has you running for your life and having to re-think your approach strategy. Brilliant fun with your mates too.
  10. Not sure what the guy who reviewed this game for this site was playing but I'm not sure it was this game. It's atmospheric in it's visuals and especially it's sound track. The game is huge and you're going to be playing for a while. Starts off like a lazy Sunday Drive... and things can go South in an instant with you suddenly being over-run by the denizens of the Warp. Even the music ramps up the atmosphere and helps create an atmosphere of panic against swarms and hordes of enemies. They Devs plan to support this for at least a couple of years with additional content, missions and planets... all for free. It's a great game and reducing enemies to steaming piles of guts and organs never gets old.
  11. Hey nice video. Thanks for putting that up. I'm enjoying the game so far for what it is. That guide is going to come in very handy and already I see what I've been doing wrong (specifically, not having upgraded every single thing as you suggest - and remembering to leave off that last one). Cheers for that.
  12. This game won't do very well because it's being slated by the critics. Both fairly and unfairly. The game's story is arguably shallow to some. There's no debate the gameplay is repetitive. But... the game is fun. I was drawn to the fast paced action and smooth graphics. I watched gameplay videos before hand so I knew what I was getting into. It's a fast paced, entertaining hack n slash in the art style of "Kingdoms Of Amalur". The gameplay isn't particularly deep... but it's satisfying and the Vertical Element really adds to the gameplay. It's more challenging than it looks and this will put more people off since the reviews were bad... they'll play, fail to "pwn" like a pro, and blame the game for not being made properly because it can't be them... right? Let's say "The Witcher 3" or "Alien: Isolation" are Shakespeare. Shakespeare is a classic and should be appreciated as a classic. "Extinction" is a comic book and let's face it, sometimes it's fun to read a comic book. Won't demand you spend a minimum of 45 minutes every time you pick it up. You can play it quick or you can play it for a few hours. This is one of those games where the "professional gaming reviewers" shafted it for not being the game they expected. It's not going to be for everyone. It's not video game classic that sets a new benchmark. It's fun in the way that plodding through a "Warriors" game can be cathartic and entertaining. Early doors I would say that the full gamerscore is not going to be difficult but it will take a bit of time to power your character up to the point that they can take on the "Daily Challenges" and actually succeed. Wait for a sale sure... but don't be as quick to write it off as the "pro critics". There's fun to be had here.
  13. I was looking at "What Remains Of Edith Finch" and the player reviews state the game is great, short, and an easy full gamerscore. Around 2 hours apparently.
  14. When you get the Mission there's an animation that gives you the location for every single fish you have to catch. When you view the map from a great height you won't see them. When you zoom in reasonably, they appear as white square dots that only display the "Fish Icon" if you hover over with the cursor. The Mission will send you to the 4 corners of the map however as you discover stuff in the course of playing the game you'll find fishing spots that will net you the required fish that aren't half as far.
  15. Answered my own question in the end. The Gold Edition is definitiely NOT worth it. It just gives you the Season Pass, which in turn grants you access to the new Heros... 7 days before everyone else. So... seriously? 7 days? I know we all like our own way... straight away... but I can wait 7 days. Marred by an alarming lack of tansparency regarding what editions give you what content this is a great game for the sale price. New characters are out and available (you have to unlock them with steel like you did all the first guys) so no Season Pass or Gold Edition needed.
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