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  1. GT: MushaConvoy Game: Warriors Orochi 4 Thanks for the chance!
  2. I'm of very split minds about this. If its an achievement for making some missable story-related decision thats only real challenge is another 30 hour playthrough for some witty dialogue or fancy cutscene, then I say buying with currency to save all that wasted time is a good thing. Even if its a collectible based achievement and you find you've reached the end and missed one from an area you cant return to, saving a full playthrough just for that one little thing is annoying and ridiculous. If nothing else, having the achievement store means you can simply pick up the game and play and anything missed isnt the end of the world. I love a game that I can just pick up and play without worrying about missable achievements because I didn't have a guide with me. On the other hand... being able to simply "buy" achievements that require actual skill to get, I don't support. That destroys any pride or sense of accomplishment for those that earned it legitimately. I was horrified when I discovered there were Mile High Club glitches after beating it legit. Others like 10,000 kills in ranked matches are another problem altogether. When it comes down to it, the option to "buy" achievements is completely unnecessary if a game developer takes the time to do achievements smart. Story Progression - No problem here, its nice looking at a friends list and immediately having an idea how far through the story they are. Difficulty Related - These are great, though they should always be stackable and please for the love of all that is good in the world, have the hardest difficulty available from the get-go. Collections - I like that collect-a-thons get me out into the world and explore parts that the art team took the time to create, that would otherwise have been missed... just DONT put collectibles in missable places! Multiplayer - I dont mind some sort of encouragement to check out the different game modes, but any kind of grind is going to destroy multiplayer and revert it to boosting groups only. Especially anything Ranked. Just don't put anything specific to Ranked, you're only ruining it for everyone. TLDR; Don't have achievements that are missable or excessively grindy just to extend the length of your horrible game and there is no reason to buy acheivements.
  3. GT: MushaConvoy Game: Lego Incredibles Thanks for the chance!
  4. All this really adds for me is the original Street Fighter, which certainly doesn't make the asking price worthwhile. I had such great hopes for this "collection". If this was a real anniversary collection, it would include: - Street Fighter Alpha 3 from the Dreamcast, complete with its World Tour mode. - Street Fighter 4 / Ultra / Arcade / etc - and not just as a preorder bonus. - Street Fighter II Animated Movie - as it appeared on the PS2 Anniversary Collection. - Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix - as its not even backwards compatible yet (like most Capcom titles). - Puzzle Fighter / Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter / etc as they appeared on the PS2 Anthology collection. - Street Fighter EX / EX+a / EX2 / EX2+a - for the first time on the Xbox. - Street Fighter The Movie - as bad as it was, it should still make the collection. As it stands, this bundle isn't any different to the other compliations that hit the PS2 aside from the original game and some nostalgia artwork. Would have bought it day one if included those other games, not seen on the Xbox before. Might help me forget that we never got SF5........
  5. GT: MushaConvoy Game: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Thanks!
  6. I know this is 7 years old (back catalog) but information on this game is so hard to come by, I felt I had to respond. While your items are great in theory, most of them require you to be able to finish stages on Expert with all secondary objectives in order to unlock them. My tips for Expert: - Forget Life, enemies do so much damage on Expert its not worth the slot. Learn to use Block and Roll - Forget Fury, you'll live longer without it unless you're invincible, but thats a lot of slot space. - Max out your Light/Heavy attacks, more damage is key. Forget Stun. - Get good at timing Perfect attacks, you won't have the Bracers of Jason for a long time. Prioritise trying to finish these Expert stages first: 1. Landing - Finishing on Expert gets Broken Sword of Kronos (Big increase in Perfect Attack Damage) - Complete all secondary objectives is relatively easy, gets you Amulet of Eos (Increase Light/Heavy above mortal limits) 10. Nightfall - Completing the challenge for reaching the camp without being detected is one of the easier challenges, gets you the 1x1 stone that increases Light attacks above the limit. - If you can complete all secondary objectives on Expert too, you will have double projectiles for Paris and Odysseus too. Both of these missions are relatively easy on Expert and the items are extremely useful for all future plays. Prioritise these. Complete all secondary missions on any difficulty for these items: 6. Blood - Horn of the Minotaur (increased damage against gods) 14. Glory - Lion Statuette (increased damage in a duel) 16. Wrath - Achilles' Helm (increased damage while at max fury) 20. Fall - Banner of Troy (increased damage to Trojans) 21. Survival - Banner of Agamemnon (increased damage to Greeks) Obviously most of those are situational but can help substantially when trying to beat a duel/god within a time limit. My typical inventory layout comprised of... Amulet of Eos (light+heavy beyond limit) Achilles Helmet (attack at max fury) Whatever Athena items to max Heavy attacks As many Kronos items as possible (Perfect damage) Stone of Hermes (quicktime events are affected by light attacks) ... plus whatever the situation needed. Fighting Trojans or Greeks I'd pick the respective banner. Once I reached a duel or god, equip the respective damage boost. With this basic setup Ive cruised through all the Expert missions without needing the harder challenge stones, all perfect attacks, invulnerability, etc.
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