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  1. ill do it if you still need people. i can do it sunday on my day off or i can do it at 7 pm on weekdays. I am eastern time. GT: CoMmVieWz BacK
  2. 1. Metal Thunder69 2. Hoyt23 3. OneWolverine1 4. terror racer nl 5. hentai gear nl 6. opersmurf 7. bionicsnakeboy 8. brydgesr 9. XI Purdy IX 10.TAREKEGYPT 11. Nirumano 12. Kampfkeiler2 13. CycloKyle 14. Azer249 15. x LFC x KI3RAN 16.KiddingPigeon 17.KerryPigeon 18.KiddingChimp 19.KiddingOld 20.KiddingCorpse 21.raiser777 22.TURB0 TONY 23.CIMCOOL 24. Almondo74 25. Kooky Cow 32 26. MickeyT 27. iTz LoGaN 63 28. DigiMark 29. I M1K3Y B I 30. KingJonty 31. metalgear be 32. metalgear nl 33. hentairacer nl 34. Serval Weapon X 35. fanboy ray 36. Gimper 37. small chap 38. xSupermilkx 39. Monkey Ninjaboy 40. x Nazz x 41. Mike Pitch 42. Commander Mason 43. Sivit 44. Billy 2k8 45. Blue raptor666 46. AideyH 47. Keiler456 48. Keiler789 49. vegete bebi555 50. Ventieeeeee 51. King Bonger 52. OvrDrv3 53. LolPantsOnAStik 54. THEslimeBALL 55. Master Chiefing 56. Last Monsta. 57. Nuno147 58. AKA Achievement 59. SyDeNhAm 60. St1gsFatCous1n 61. DiaBoLiiCSHaDoW 62. NiiGHTSHaDoW 63. GuNSHaDoVV 64. S2N Pickle Boyz 65. S2N True Gamer 66. xISaiNT aNGeLxI 67. Gaz760 68. DanTheManGum 69. Watch MeShocK U 70. SergeantGardner 71. PerfectStrategy 72. Polak658 73. Wicelow 74. Jimyred 75. BallisticZero 76. Young Dreezy IV 77. Snow Camo Kid 78. cra x360a 79. phoenix mage 80. ev0r 81. P0X BR 82. Vv AK 47 vV 83. DXx V0DK4K1LLA 84. MAUNICK23 85. Y4n 86. Jamie Whack 76 89. OlegWasHere 90. Forsaken Kidx 91. cindybiohazard 92. orkhive new 93. Goetzsta 94. Arrogus 95. Leedo4tL 96. Twisted gzus 97. Electric Eeles 98. D1giTaL X 99. MG NEWTON 100. xdisturbedx666 101. Vergolinx 102. DirtyDog HUN 103. Canilus Maximus 104. lildevilbmxer 105.Tobi93x 106. VitalSkills 107. CoMmVieWz BacK
  3. yeah i have read other treads but i downloaded the very first update so i can get the achievement again.
  4. Is there anyway to tell how many cars you drove out of them all? I think i drove all 43 cars but im not sure so im just looking to check all the cars i drove. Thanks
  5. I was wondering if you have to have 75,000 pts alone or if you play in a party does all the peoples scores go towards it?
  6. I dont know if your past what you were stuck on but for the challenged they come at random times and there are 3 per car X will say to meet him somewhere on the car the challenge in around the middle of the map. If you dont get a perfect pimp just click on the car and it will say would you like to redo the pimpin or reroam just click pimpin then you just have to pimp out the car again you dont have to reget the meters, coins etc unless you choose to redo it. hope this helps if not send me a message on xbox and ill try to help you more. GT CoMmVieWz BacK
  7. Im not sure how many people still play this game but has anyone else noticed theres two billionaire achievements?
  8. If anyone wants to boost the crew races let me know because im trying to get a boosting party going tomorrow. GT: CoMmVieWz BacK
  9. Does anyone know how to get the (Power of ten) x10 multiplier, and (Backdraft) get 3 kills by exploding the tank of an enemy flamethrower? This is for co-op challenges. If so can you tell me what level is best to do those on.. thanks
  10. Does anyone know when you get the oak seed so i can change my cluckles?
  11. I am will to boost for the AMONG THE BEST achievement. If anyone is still looking for someone to boost with send me a message on xbox. My gamertag is: xWRTSx CoMmVieW
  12. I just got this game and i got most of the achievements but i am having trouble getting this one. If anyone can help me get this that will be great. Send me a message on xbox. My gamertag is Mr CoMmVieW
  13. i just got this game and itz driving me nuts, i found the hidden supplier for Marcia but i dont know how to talk to him or whatever i have to do. I also am having trouble getting the 3rd mission thing for Xzibit to come up. If anyone can help me that will be GREAT
  14. I am trying to look for Hossan, and Mel and i im going 2 where they are on the map but they are never there. I keep saving the game and going back but still nothing. Does anyone know what time they should be there?
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