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  1. Need to get Oathbringer, but the paperback is months from release, can't be doing with a hardback, not for a book that size. Maybe I should get the ebook now that I have a kindle. Can't recall what I read last, but I am nearly done with Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. I am loving this book. I would recommend it to anyone in to fantasy, and particularly tabletop RPG players. The world is basically D&D world, complete with Kobolds and Gnolls and all those colourful races and monsters found there. It follows a group who were once the most famous band of mercenaries, but they split up and got old and started families. Now they have to group up again to save someone, but first they need to get everyone together and trek across the most dangerous place in the world. It really does read like you are following a D&D campaign. Of the heroes there are two warriors, a rogue, a barbarian and a wizard. It is often quite funny and is always fast paced and original.
  2. maybe snow crash by neal stephenson
  3. Finished Use of Weapons by Ian M Banks. Could not get into it. Seemed needlessly cryptic to me, struggled to know what was going on half the time. Half the chapters started with the word "He" and never goes on to establish who the *&%$ HE is. I guess there is a reason for that given the ending of the book, but it is too late to understand the prior 30 chapters when you read the last one. Also apparently at some point in our future, Banks thinks we are going to stop using names and start using a gibberish bunch of letters instead. This coupled with the way most characters alternate being called by they gibberish first name and gibberish last name so I had to at some points look at the full names on the blurb at the back of the book to know who was who. I am all for made up names, but help us out a little. At least give us pronounceable names. I get a sense like Banks understood his plot thoroughly and raced through it not thinking whether his readers would get taken along with him. I would be reading and thinking I knew what was going on, only to find the narrative had gone somewhere else with different characters two paragraphs later. No warning, just jumping about all over This book was a loan from a friend who recommended it, I was kinder in my summary to him, I couldn't say all this. It was not my style at all and I ended up skipping the weird flashback chapters. Keep feeling like I missed the point somehow. I know Banks is a popular order, but my friend says this is one of his easier to follow books. I think I just turn off when a book expects you to read really carefully and work out or analyse everything. I read a lot of novels and have no problem parsing them usually. I felt dumb reading this book, like I lacked the brains to understand it. Normally in the process fo a novel, the settings and characters are populated in my head without thought and it is like dreaming the whole thing. That didn't happen here. Maybe it was expecting a more active approach to "seeing" the world he wrote, or maybe I needed to have read more of Banks' Culture series. Please tell me I am not the only one to have had this issue Back into a series I like. Book Three of Scott Lynch's Gentle Bastards series. An immersive and well thought out world. I eagerly await the follow ups, but at the rate Lynch seems to write, I will be an old man before the last book is released
  4. That was the last book I finished. I liked it, but maybe not enough to read a second time. I kept wanting things to really kick off, and when it did, it was over suddenly. It was a fitting ending I would say, but a little unsatisfying for me. I think I just like my fantasy with a little more escapism and less grit reading Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher. Dunno if it is because I keep getting distracted by other things in my reading time, but I am not hooked. I like the characters (some of them, when they aren't cardboard cut outs) and the setting, but I can't see myself getting any of the follow up books. The cat is the best thing about this book so far
  5. I have good games and bad games with Zenyatta. Seem to have a better time at the back of an ally of two. He needs someone to run interference for him I think, then he can make life easier for them whilst keeping a low profile and picking off enemies from the back.
  6. When it finally arrives, I will be getting it for sure. First two books were excellent. Currently reading Book 2 of the Live Ship traders of Bingtown trilogy by Robin Hobb. It is worth a read I think, though more subdued than Sanderson's writing. At first it seems like a few stories that in no way relate to each other, then slowly you see how the different plots are in conflict with each other and I literally start thinking things like "Oh snap. what will happen when he finds out about that or if those two cross paths"
  7. I agree. Too much politics for my liking. Don't worry, the third book and the Wax and Wayne spin offs are way better
  8. Congratulations on becoming XBA's 565th member to hit 100,000:gsicon:!


    You can view your leaderboard entry in all its awesome glory [here]. Gloat to your friends, slap some fives, do a jig. You deserve it, you awesome person.

  9. I finished the Iron Ship by K M McKinley. really built towards the end. This book is like a drug dealer giving you the first hit free to get you addicted. A lot of world building has gone into this book and it finishes just as things are getting exciting. Think I will be getting the sequel when it comes out. Back to the Stormlight Archive now for book two. Got about half way through. I just love being in that world. Just like the Mistborn stuff, Brandon Sanderson keeps the story and the action and the stakes ramping up constantly.
  10. I have deleted games that I started and got no achievements on before quitting. think once you get a single achievement it is locked in. which bring up another annoyance, when you get the first achievement and it is not a multiple of 5gs "great, now I gotta play this game until my score ends in a 0 or 5 again"
  11. Used to like LEGO games in co-op. dunno if you can log in with a 2nd profile to both get achievements tho. I know you can with Gears of War. Played the first 3 games with a buddy, great fun in co-op
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