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  1. From the graphics to cut scene improvements, I thoroughly enjoyed this remaster of a beloved game. Can't wait to see what the Coalition has in store next!
  2. Along with Reach and 3, 3 has some of my best memories. Even playing it in 2013 surprised me at home many people still love and adore this game. After Infinite, can we get a remaster of 3 please 343?
  3. This game is awesome with a killer stereo system!
  4. This game should've been delayed. Big surprise I know, but no HDR, are you kidding me? The car maneuvering and world feel empty and unpolished. If Bethesda gave this game more time, I think we could've had a winner. Better than Rage 1 though in the graphics and gameplay department.
  5. To me and many others, MCC should've been done separately with 1, then 2, 3, and finally 4. This would've made each game more stable and not have Halo 2's campaign broken. After they would all release, there should've been an update to connect all four games together to play all the games together(don't know how that would work for physical copies of the game though).
  6. Hoping this game will make combat more interesting, have an engaging story, and make enemies more tactical and cunning.
  7. I hope 343 will make this an experience for veterans of the franchise to come back to and newcomers to discover and experience the true Halo experience we all enjoy!
  8. Hello everyone! I have been playing Xbox since April of 2011 and my first achievements were in Black Ops on the 360. I have over 70,000 gamerscore and hope to increase it when next gen hits.
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