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  1. I voted 100+. The secret achievements have some verrrryyy long ones. It is not the levelling up that will take time, it will be the things you need to do 20,000 times that will be the killer.
  2. I voted 5. I got last man standing legit in survival. That game mode has just been replaced with a different version which makes this achievement harder. But survival was a no respawn 5 v 5 deathmatch. So if it gets down to a 1 v 1 and you win you get this cheevo.
  3. By take longer you mean 2 daily quests instead of 1? What the notes you posted do not say is can you choose to just do 1 quest to progress and forego the quest that gives the transmute.
  4. Double bubble on a 12sec rotation, or double fray buffs. Yeah my Pally is having a rest, GF getting some love.
  5. Have you levelled the 2nd 60 to 62 yet? just wondering if it will unlock on next level up.
  6. Yeah I have done some "test" runs in prophecy and it seems pretty tough even when I see enemies drop really fast. Seems they giveth and taketh away.
  7. Looks like there are others. http://www.trueachievements.com/viewcomment.aspx?commentid=874028#vch EDIT: oops that is you lol Try posting here http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/categories/bug-reports-xbox-one
  8. If I was building a new cleric my base build would be buff/debuff. I would put 3 or 4 power points in a healing power just in case. If you run with lower level randoms a lot then you may need more focus on heals. In my guild if the call goes out for a dc it means buff. That is the norm. If they want heals they ask for heals and often that will be a healadin.
  9. Why? If a Pally wanted to remain a bubble pally a new version of a haste cleric can be vital. I actually think we are simply going back to Pally day 1 where Bubble Pallys and Hasters will run together. The bubble is not dead and neither is haste in my opinion.
  10. Really depends who you run with. Most high end guilds no longer need heals. They prefer buffs. A lot of pug groups still need to be carried via heals and bubbles.
  11. I would actually ask a different question first. What type of cleric is most useful at this stage of the game? I believe the answer is buff/debuff and not so much heals. The clerics people want to run with in my guild actually either do not heal or do not heal much. They just help you kill stuff quicker in various ways.
  12. So you are going for heals on your cleric yeah? If you were going buff/debuff the answer may be different. A lot of Clerics use vorpals for healing. I would google mmominds cleric heals build and see what they use. The other enchant to look into is Holy Avenger.
  13. Unfortunately this is a catch 22. If not in a guild you miss out on the boons which makes you weaker. If in the guild the boons help but they need to be paid for. The guild I am in people do ask for help in guild chat but very rarely will someone ask you specifically to help them. They may ask for a Cleric but are unlikely to ask for you specifically. It has only happened once with me. The guild I am in does not demand any contributions of any kind. They will put in the message of the day what the coffer needs are but I have not been aware of anyone being told they must contribute something. Are there people taking advantage of that? I have no idea but the guilds coffer requirements are usually met very quickly. You can get kicked if inactive but you would need to be inactive for a few weeks if not more before the kick (and you do have the option to ask back in but we do have a waiting list). One issue though - the only requirement for guild entry is an ever increasing minimum IL for your main toon. I think (and may be wrong) that the latest requirement is 3.2k. When I got in it was 2.5k so there are some still lower than the 3.2k. But the aim is to never weaken the guild with new toons. I have been in a few different guilds and whilst there are similarities there are also big differences. My suggestion is try joining a few and maybe one will suit you in some way.
  14. I saw you doing one of the Maze engine quests and thought you looked less geared than I would have expected lol
  15. Some people expect what I will call full haste ie from the far right feat from the top branch of the tree. When my cleric was "hybrid" I was asked to give mroe haste. When I went full haste ie the feat I mention above they stopped asking. Nothing wrong with either build -they just have slightly different reasons for being. The hybrid will do better at something else, the full haste is well full haste. I am not aware of Orcus scaling but there are strategies that minimise the damage he can do and occasionally he can wipe a team, especially if there is lag.
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