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  1. Would like to 2nd "The Devil You Know". One of the best raid weapons too with it's magazine size.
  2. Ahh, I see. Buzzing in the headset. As Emperor said, you can use the controller without batteries: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/accessories/connect-charge-cable-to-controller You need to remove the batteries or the controller will use the batteries when plugged in.
  3. Sounds like your charger is faulty if you get a buzzing sound. You should buy a new charger and at least 4 pre-charged rechargeable batteries per controller. I use eneloops cause they're the only ones I have left (the other pre-charged rechargables batteries I bought had died on me).
  4. I believe once you reach the limit for each card (4 for common, 3 for uncommon, 2 for rare and 1 for mythic), the card should not show up anymore.
  5. Is that the chest above the doorway located after volcano/lava area (to the right where you drop down from Sierra Morena)? It's the one where you need chicken flight to get to it.
  6. Correct. The latest update (1.304 I think) mentions increasing the frequency of incursions and allowing more then 1 incursion at a time. My only concern is the lag I get during some incursions and arkfalls. After a few minutes everyone around me stops moving and I'm essentially in limbo which forces me to log out.
  7. DR 1 & 2 had sniper rifles. I'm thinking the kill distance limits in DR 3 would mess with sniping (zombies within a certain distance are loaded and active while outside this range, zombies appear frozen and are invincible).
  8. Here's how the $9.99 upgrade deal goes: You must be a PowerUp Rewards member at the time of new Xbox 360 game purchase. You must purchase the new version of eligible Xbox 360 game within the first 30 days of its release at GameStop. Following the purchase of an eligible game, you will receive the guaranteed $50.00 trade-credit coupon via email** and in your PowerUp Rewards Active Offers. Bring the in-store credit coupon with your game to trade toward the new Xbox One standard version of the same game at any U.S. GameStop location. **Redemption of the coupon must occur by December 31, 2013. Source: http://www.gamestop.com/nextgenoffer So, if you bought the xbox 360 game at gamestop with your rewards card you should have received a $50 trade in coupon via email right after the purchase which you could use to get the xb1 game.
  9. To correct your correction: Not all challenges effect percentage. I unlocked the Battlefield 4 Challenge "I'm Loving It". Currently, I have no other achievements unlocked in BF4 as of today. My achievement percentage is 0% in BF4. For the challenges that do effect percentage, it could be set up that not completing the challenge doesn't effect the percentage, but completing it does. We'll find out when the next DR3 challenge starts up in 4 days.
  10. When telling an armed guard to get down and cuff himself using the dominator perk, other no cuffed guards walking around are not alerted by the guard that's kneeling on the ground. The patch fixes that.
  11. Agreed. Got to be done on no stars. I tried it on overkill. Body armor white hats ruin the party. What I did when the heist I wanted didn't show was either dashboard or start and finish a quick 4 stores job to reset the jobs. EDIT: Build I used to get most achievements solo: http://www.pd2skills.info/profile/sneaky-tank-2/
  12. You pretty much have to play with just AIs on a high level and no star difficulty. It took me 3 tries by myself (tried twice with friends previously). The first 2 tries only failed due to garage not showing after the 2nd day. After overpass showed up after the 1st day on the 3rd try I had a good feeling garage would show up after the 2nd. Skills required: Portable Saw (basic & purchased), Iron Man (basic), Transporter (Aced), Sprinter (Aced), Fast Hands (Aced). I did 9 bags with 5 seconds left on the timer. Throwing the bags to the next level up is key.
  13. Some I would recommend solo (with AI), liking Guessing Game for example. Just having the ability to restart the level on a whim saves a lot of time.
  14. Wii187

    Best weapons?

    The best weapons for me depends on the heist and if I'm playing with randoms. Solo or with friends on stealth heists I go with lowest visibility primary and suppressed Deagle. No armor. On not so stealthy heists or playing with randoms I go with Reinfeld 880 and Locomotive 12G with the combined tactical vest. Both shotguns are basically the same (they even look the same). I use them both to get more shotgun ammo.
  15. Wii187

    2500 ego?

    That's unfortunate. I can confirm FREEMASON has a 10 week 7% clan bonus that works. With no other bonuses active I received 10,700 xp from a 4 legged hellion last night. My intention is to not promote the clan, but to provide a source of additional xp. I also observed that I received the 10,700 xp even though I didn't deliver the killing blow.
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