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  1. I've had to put a lock on my account to make sure my roommates don't load up 0G games all the time. It would be less of a problem if I could delete the few games that they accidentally load up with my profile signed in.
  2. No DLC is needed for the 1k. A lot of people report DLC complicating/glitching the "own 1 car from every manufacturer" achievement, so if anything it just makes things more complicated.
  3. Wei, because I could most easily survive the Three Kingdoms Era on their side. Get in good with Sima Yi so that I don't get completely screwed when Jin takes over.
  4. Sun Shang Xiang for actual playing, because she is the only character who can effectively play Chaos difficulty. As for which character I have an affinity for, Pang Tong, complete bro.
  5. Take drugs, don't drink caffeine before you sleep. Read a book or watch Youtube videos while laying in bed until you feel tired enough to fall asleep.
  6. The game is easy/doesn't take very long if you play it smart. Make sure you utilize the gambling trick to increase the important stats for all of your golems/MC. If you try to play the game without it, there will be many hours of encounter grinding to get the stats you need. A friend of mine who didn't use the gambling trick got very stuck on the Earth Warlord, to the point where he was lucky to get him to half health, and that is with standard encounter grinding throughout the rest of the game. Overall, just play smart and follow the guide here on X360A. The only thing I'd ignore is the suggested you gamble grind to, it's complete overkill what the guide recommends.
  7. Guys get female friends when they are single hoping to turn them into said girlfriend. They get a girlfriend, said attempted relationship isn't going to happen friendship ends.
  9. Unicorn Gundam is above and beyond the best in the game. 00 Raiser is a somewhat distant 2nd.
  10. It just takes a while to level up friendship. Play as her, or set her as your companion character. Each mission you complete will gain you 1 deployment towards raising her friendship. If you play as a character, have them as your chosen companion, or have them as one of your random allies in the mission, they will get 1 point of friendship progress. To grind it out, play as her in your best Gundam and do Master Asia's friendship mission. All you have to do in that mission is kill Master Asia, and each time you do so you will get 1 more point towards her friendship level going up. Grind it out for 10 deployments or so and her level should go up to 4.
  11. There has been a lot of speculation over what you can do in relation to the Dollar Bill machine without deactivating the achievement. The discrepancies seem to be: -Buying things from vigor and weapon vending machines -Accidentally opening up the Dollar Bill machine without purchasing anything -Whether or not reloading a checkpoint after buying something from a Dollar Bill machine reactivates the achievement -If possessing the Dollar Bill machine for money deactivates the achievement Based on speculation/unconfirmed testimonies from forums, it has been confirmed that you can buy vigors and weapon upgrades, and you can open up the dollar bill machine and close it without buying anything and you are still okay. I can't find anything in relation to save reloading or possession. Can anyone confirm if checkpoint reloading leaves the achievement deactivated/ ifpossessing the Dollar Bill machine deactivates the achievement?
  12. I recently finished Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 with a final play time of 78 hours and 8 minutes, which quite honestly isn't the most efficient completion time I could have had on this game. To help you the person reading this complete the game in a more efficient manner, here is the advice I have to impart: Always be focused on friendships. Friendships are based solely on "deployments." You get 1 deployment towards the invisible friendship meter for playing as a character in a mission, having a character as your partner in the mission (you do not have to call them in for your friendship progress) and for having the character be an NPC ally during the mission. Play as Kamille, have Haman as your partner, Uso, Amuro, and Setsuna are your allies, for completing this mission, whether you win or lose it (quitting does not count) you receive 1 point of friendship progress for Kamille, Haman, Uso, Amuro, and Setsuna, equal progression for each. Back to my original point, abuse this throughout your gameplay. Keep random characters as your partners until they are at level 4 friendship, then let the random "I didn't expect you to be here but I'm progressing with you anyways because I need to play this mission for the sake of progression" encounters finish off their relationship mission unlock, and play as random characters until level 4 whenever possible. Playing as someone who is already at rank 5 friendship will result in more grinding end-game. To unlock all 45 Collection Missions, you will need to piss around in mass production mobile suits and various other suits for roughly 75 missions, 60 or so of these being murder Domon/Master Asia/Katajina in their Relationship Missions or suicide into hard mode Knight Gundam for efficiency's sake. Utilize these missions for friendship. Saving them for last, conveniently sitting there with awkward unlock requirements, out of sight out of mind, will result in 75ish deployments that could have been suit+character deployment grinding. To save you time: Unicorn Gundam with Long Range + Hard Strike + Speedster for your main Gundam. Unicorn Gundam is only good for Destroy Mode (sp attack powered up mode) and Destroy Mode Unicorn Gundam is the best thing in the game for zone clearing, ace killing, and rushing the enemy bases. It also doesn't suck and killing giants in the rare occasions they appear. For simplicity's sake, just apply that modification set to every Gundam when you go through upgrading them to rank 4 late game/upgrading them to not sucking status early game. Use Sniper instead of Hard Strike if the Gundam is especially shot focused. Long Range is good for sp building (more range means more hits on zone trash, faster sp buildup) and getting first hits on aces, and Speedster makes every mission go by much quicker. Setsuna with Beginner's Aid + Ace Killer + Final Sacrifice (replace with Ace Pilot or similar not-useless skill for challenge missions) I pick Setsuna because he has a high melee without having a weak shot or defense, and his vocal cues are some of the least annoying/whiny in the game in my opinion. You unlock Beginner's Aid by completing the Tutorials, Final Sacrifice by getting Treize to friendship level 5. The story on Beginner's Aid and Final Sacrifice; Beginner's Aid/Final Sacrifice makes any character at any level playable, and should be your go-to skills for cheesing your way through the game. Combine Beginner's Aid with Final Sacrifice, and you get a character who one shots Aces on easy with a good suit, can easily dispatch Aces even with suits below rank 4, can clear zones quickly in most any mobile suit, and can all-around get missions done quickly. Yes, you will be completely defenseless and unable to fix yourself, but with the combined boosts from those skills, you get all an extremely overpowered character regardless who ends the mission at 80%-99% health, even with enemy base rushing. I wouldn't recommend Final Sacrifice for challenge missions, but Beginner's Aid should be on every pilot always. Do Memorial Missions as soon as they become available. Those missions are how you get rank 2/3/4 blueprints to unlock, among other nice things. You unlock the Mushu Gundams in the Trial of the Giants and the Trials from the Past Challenge Missions, so that is where you find them. You get the Mushu Gundam's special abilities by either getting to rank 1 online, or completing every mission in the game. The only way to get Knight Gundam's special ability is to complete every mission in the game. Enemy base rushing, when you grab the important zones then rush into the enemy base while the turrets are still active, are something you should get good at. When a match starts, get the zones that are highlighted, boost to the enemy main camp, and clear it as fast as possible. With Beginner's Aid and Final Sacrifice up, the turrets will hardly scratch you on easy with a mid-high level Gundam. A Gundam that dash attacks well, like Unicorn and 00 Raiser, make rushing not a complete pain, as they can dodge the turrets as they attack. For online play, the mission Ultimate Enemy will give you the most G. Nu Gundam is very good at killing Dark Gundam. If you play Ultimate Enemy with someone else using a good grade 4 Nu Gundam and a maxed pilot, the fight will take 30 seconds. Kill the tentacle extra heads until they all go away, both of you run up as close to the big head as possible and use your specials, the boss will go down every time. You should be rank 1 by the time you have 100 matches if you play Ultimate Enemy every time, not so if you kill Big Zam or the other bosses. Have fun!
  13. I played the entire game getting the 100% syncs as I went along, as I started playing it after the DLC was released. I'd say 20% of the DNA was especially difficult to get 100% on, the rest you just needed to go slightly out of your way. The timed cult dungeon missions were probably the most annoying. That missions where you sneak into the castle for the first time gave me issues with the last 2 guards 4 times - I eventually tossed a smoke bomb at them then assassinated them close-range rather than trying to kill them with throwing knifes, which seemed to always get me caught for some reason. I did the tank mission on my first try without using any glitches, which I count as a blessing based on what I have heard other people go through with that mission.
  14. Of course it can be done, but getting a legit Extreme Variety, let alone getting a legit Triple Escape and Untouchable, will take a lot of time and frustration. They will all take a lot of skill, some luck, and playing with direct intent of getting the bonuses. A truly "legit" Role Model with a random from match making would be a nightmare, as you would have to coordinate with him over game chat and convince him to throw the game/play the match specifically to unlock Role Model.
  15. The tone of the DLC wasn't serious, it was more of an excuse to kill vampires and demons in Sleeping Dogs than a way to expand the story of Sleeping Dogs. Two mostly unimportant characters and Dog Eyes brought back to give us an excuse to kill them all over again, an over-the-top main antagonist, it was a fun piece of non-canon, which I'm fine with.
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