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  1. All I have left is team survivors 15 wins and the points achievement. I have 2 copies of the game so I only need 2 other people to help and it should only take an hour or two if you can help. GT: IDOLxISxDEAD
  2. I think the randomizer doesn't count as one, so there's technically only 8. Or there's just 8 in general, iirc
  3. Looks like this still works after the update patch today, just a heads up!
  4. I can go into my inventory and view every single weapon in the game and compare it with the list from the achievement guide, but still it doesn't pop in the Xbox One version. Has anyone else had this problem? Did they add a new weapon to this version or was there some other weird quirk of this achievement that I've forgotten since the last time I played this game?
  5. I recently leveled up Conker and Seph to level 20, but it seems the game just completely stopped tracking that progress after level 2, so the achievements all say like 10% on them and I can't find any way to get rid of level progress with characters. Am I stuck forever not getting these achievements or has anyone else had this problem and found a way around it? Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.
  6. It might have been de-listed or something or has been IP locked since when it was first released. I'll test mine when I get home from work tonight if no one else has yet.
  7. I got my physical copy from Japan the day after release, and it also includes the soundtrack CD, which is pretty amazing, and a pretty good bonus since the physical version is only like $10 more than the digital version, but if you're in a country where they add on lots of extra taxes, it might not be worth it for you.
  8. It will likely be digital only. The market and ecosystem for the industry for these kinds of niche games has changed in the last 7 years since Raiden 4 came out and we haven't seen a physical release of any shmup outside of Japan since around 2011.
  9. Looking for someone to do that "Beat any campaign level with 4 players" Should only take like 15 minutes max and already have two people, just need 2 more. Let me know ASAP Gamertag: AKB48xIDOLING
  10. Major Nelson just posted on Twitter that this month's BC games will be announced on tomorrow's Xbox Wire show and his blog! Hopefully there's more than what's already been confirmed. Can't wait
  11. So many crying babies here, good god. Crying over some stupid f**king gamerscore when we're getting one of the coolest retro games collections in history AND for less than $30. Grow up. I'm actually very happy they just kept the original lists for the 360 games, as I've already completed most of the 360 Rare games and really have no interest in doing most of them all over again. Kudos to Rare for this decision.
  12. Don't know if any of you have tried to play Goldeneye in the last decade or so, but hate to break it to you, Goldeneye sucks. The game does not hold up with time at all. Check your nostalgia glasses and I think you'll see this collection is as good as it can get when it comes to Rare. Their unique and original IPs are far better than any of the Nintendo franchise/license games they made. Can't wait for this collection
  13. Yeah, this is a real bitch. Before I left for work today (on my 10th try or so) I got to the point where Joseph was dead, but 3 or 4 shots from Sebastian's gun will kill you flat-out, even with near full health, AND they stun you and knock you down every time he shoots. I'll get it soon, I'm sure, but what a bitch. Still nowhere NEAR Akumu mode stuff though. EDIT: Finally beat this last night. The bus at the one end of the arena is your friend when fighting Joseph/Sebastian. Try to save all your special items for them at the end. I would stay on the one side of the bus and unload all the ammo I had on them and then also set wire traps at either end so they would step in them if they tried to come around the sides. Also, the thing you unlock for beating this challenge room makes the achievement for beating The Executioner without taking damage VERY easy
  14. This couldn't really be an issue with just the disc version, because the disc version is exactly the same as the digital version, the install files are just on the disc instead of one that you download separately from the server. When you put in the disc on Xbox One, if you look at your "queue" section, it just installs each episode and each piece of content separately, just as if you had downloaded it. It sounds like it was just a weird glitch you ran into, regardless of how or where you installed it from.
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