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    Engaged, a writer, seeking a new metal band, disabled, agnostic
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    Northeast PA
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    Pissing you off and messing with your head. And daisies.
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    Answering service employee

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  1. Congratulations!

    Space Ark [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member TemporalWizard.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  2. Need friends with this game. Add me. Still at tag Apoch x360a. Please include "Monsters Love Candy" or "MLC" in some kind of message.
  3. Gonna need some friends for this. Apoch x360a. Pl include message with Bloodforge in it at least so I know you're looking to boost these. Still trying to figure this one out.
  4. ADD ME! Doing 1 round wins golden apples on. Usually on 8am-1pm daily, some nights around midnight - 1pm. (all times EST) I'm tired of waiting around all morning to play 3, maybe 4 matches. gt: apoch x360a
  5. How's the site coming?

  6. Ahh. Well, either way I'm not really hanging out here that much anymore. That and I don't have the money to really play a lot of games honestly, so outside of the random new arcade game, I don't hang out here much. Life's been pretty rough.

  7. Things have calmed down a LOT in the past 18 months or so. Since the banning of some folks, and others just leaving. Seriously, I don't see that many people that joined before 2010 anymore. Sadness...

  8. I quit posting on here. All the decent people left and the new people piss me off. They don't understand I'm being sarcastic or trying to be funny, and they instead tell me to quit whining and spam the thread with insults to me (spamfests as the fiancee puts it) so, yeah, fuck it. Too busy anyhow with apochs.net (it blew up big time haha) and Fizz and I are still hard at work on leadexample.net. How about you? Still tearing shit up here?

  9. What's up man? Haven't seen any awesome threads lately, ha. Hope your doing well. Are you still doing the metal reviews?

  10. This sucks. My fiancee is the only one who visits since I moved (obviously lives here sometimes) and she SUCKS at games. We spent 2 hours playing the few Dungeon co-op stages. Looks like I won't 200 this game unless I meet a new gamer who wants to hang out haha
  11. Been trying for nearly an hour now. How the hell do you do it?!
  12. I asked here because I know most of these people well from my time ont he forum haha. But, aside that, they aren't answering phones yet and, damnit, I wanna know wtf is going on!
  13. Ok, been a while since I came to these forums, but you guys are perhaps the most knowledgable about this stuff. And right now I'm absolutely furious. I woke up today, turned on the Xbox, and threw in Dead Space 2. I had MK, but I traded it off, couldn't stand how bad the online was with it between lag freezing my system or games dropping. I'm playing DS2 and realize the one achievement glitched. I smashed 14 crates, but only needed 10. I check my score, I'm at 0. On top of that all my personal info is gone, but the tag is still "apoch x360a". Now, on xbox.com, all my info is still there. My avatar, name, achievements, motto, everything, whereas only my tag shows on the console. So, I figured MAYBE since I can log into xbox.com there's some kind of issue with the tag, maybe it glitched, so I tried to redownload my tag, and it tells me the system cannot retrieve the information or something like that, I forget at this point, too pissed. Either way, I can't redownload my profile now. So...is this a server problem on Microsoft's end? Or did my time with MK warrant enough people to complain the my system was locked out? I don't cheat, so that's the only thing I can think of if it's not a glitch of somekind on MS's end.
  14. As someone with MS, I thank you for that, but I doubt it would do any more damage then the disease already did to those who have it if you use the letters properly. Just sayin'
  15. I see it added the option to buy 6000 Microsoft points ($74.98 USD btw). My god...
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