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  1. Hello! I only need the online achievements left so looking for a partner to complete all cases in co-op, plus looking to put a team together to boost the TIR achievements! Add me GT: ZacRM97
  2. Looking to boost the online achievements for this game, and help anyone who needs them - impossible to find a game Add me! GT: ZacRM97
  3. Looking to get 3 stars on the two co-op missions and maybe some more if you need them too GT: ZacRM97
  4. Wrong. That achievement is attainable as is the 1000G
  5. Looking to boost all 6 online trophies! Add me and we’ll get these achievements done Gamertag: ZacRM97
  6. Looking to boost the following achievements: 'It's a LIVE' 'LIVE and Kicking' 'All on the Line' 'Online Quiz' Also, I know that it is impossible to find a game so anybody who wants these achievements, even if I get them, feel free to add me and I will boost them with you! GT: ZacRM97
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