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  1. I was pretty excited for this game but wow, it is really bad! Graphics are terrible and like 6-7 achievements are so glitchy! They are easy to get if they pop for you! The most difficult ones are the sack master and tackle one with a user player! Good thing is they can be done with 2 controllers, the recruiting achievements are broken! No one has them, and to just win a regular game is not working for me!! Tried to contact the people who made the game and no response! I would recommend staying away from the game! Just buy 2001 madden you will enjoy that more!
  2. Ok so I finally got it!! But I gave up on the video!! Use any team you want but whoever you play against edit there QB, pit carrying to 0, and make sure they don’t cover the ball! I put them in Hail Mary manual made all my lineman drop back in coverage, used a line back and dropped there QB back like 20 yards then with my linebacker I tackled him with RB which is to strip it took me for tries, and oh yeah play on rookie, I tried doing what the video said to do and the bill FB in pint pass didn’t fumble one time in 5-6 hours!! YES HOURS!! Tried it my way and worked in 10 mins!!!
  4. I have followed everything online says to do, downloaded the right roster, pick the plays they say to do! Put everything where it needs to be and this fullback from buffalo hasn’t fumbled in 5 hours NOT EVEN ONCE!!!!!!
  5. Hey guys so I really like this game, I need 3 more achievement but the feeding frenzy achievement is frozen at 98% for me it doesn’t matter how many humans I eat it never makes any more progress for me at all anymore! Anyone else have a issue like this and if so how did you fix it?
  6. Hey guys me and a few friends are looking for couple extra people to boost the 4x times Xp Assassination message me over Xbox if you want in! SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY!! My tag is xXjthekid25Xx
  7. If you still need this weapon I think I have it, you can have it don’t really play anymore! Let me know tag is xXjthekid25Xx
  8. Ok I can now confirm you need to do this on a single playthrough! Started one over today and just went right to all the areas where all the good stuff is before doing anything in the story mode, so in order to get shots in the dark for me to get my achievement I had to have all 6 in same save!!
  9. Just curious if anyone knows if this can be done in separate playthroughs I have done 2 playthroughs and found all of them just not in the same save I still don’t have achievement! The achievement I am looking for is Shots in the Dark when you have to find all 6 weapons in the heartland.
  10. No you don’t need to escort them just complete the challenge and you will see the badge come up on the bottom right hand screen
  11. Yeah total crap!! The first time I got them all I got the mission one as I played I did all the towers first then got all collectibles! Never picked anything up with tower purified first! Second time I got the story one LAST!! I even deleted my Xbox account from my Xbox then re downloaded it again still nothing! Went on twitter found the devolpers of the game tried twitting them 4-5 times and still no response!!! I honestly have no idea what to do now
  12. Wow I started over and got all of them again with it showing 100% and still no achievement
  13. No it didn’t!! I am about to restart the game to try looking for them again!
  14. Hey I saw some of you were having issues with the 2 story Achievements in the hidden ones! The New Recruits and Surgical Strike! Well I had same problem so this is what I did when you were able to do and them it gave you a option to go up to level 45 but it made a copy of your save! So what I did was go back like I was just starting where I leveled up to 45 again and did the first 3 mission for the hidden ones which is the surgical strike achievement and I got t right after I got the third guy if you have any issues or questions about this message me on live I will help you! xXjthekid25Xx
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