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  1. November is too long, I want to sell my collection but I want 100% achievement s first
  2. Im 4/10 for the online active could anyone plz queue in Flynn arcade world of color game plz Also born adventurer is bugged I completed the adventures in toybox hub and saidcso on the feates but my achievement stuck on 80%
  3. I need the 4 way online ach Gt jedink I have 2 controllers Uninstalled game so need few min to install, need done asap since I b selling my 2.0 3.0 collections after getting 100% Feel free to unfriendly me after I get achieve
  4. Yeah I think I chose tali for the vent miranda for the 2nd team leader then I chose legion as the 2nd leader which was a mistake so I restarted that part and chose garrus then I got grunt to return to the ship cause I thought with big wall like him the escorts won't get killed then I chose miranda and Jacob to come with me for the final mission then after I beat boss Mordin was dead on the ground. I'm currently playing again on insanity so hope I make the right choices
  5. I made it all the way through the game to the end all my team Mates survived after killing the last boss we escaped to the ship, joker said everyone made it on the ship but I saw Morrin or whatever that scientist name is dead on the ground while the collectors walk passed him. And yes he is loyal Also is there a way to save Kelly? The doctor said I was too late and I took my time. I did scan few planets before I went to the omega 4. I got the quest but I didn't go straight to it so maybe that's why
  6. Would appreciate it if someone post a list that is in order of locker weapons so i can just scroll down to see what i am missing. If there is a quicker and easier way to find out what weapon i am missing i would like to hear it
  7. Only reached 72k got it day one too but i only stopped playing it until the xmas challenge was available
  8. I have all 101 blue prints i created all super combos, still need vehicle blueprints though and book but i cant seem to find the last combo weapon, i checked the combo list many times but i have all the weapons i created in my locker. Is there a hidden secret blueprint i am unaware of?
  9. Not sure there is any combo weapon that requires an Afro
  10. All I need now is junk ball, I'm on ch 7 and never got the side mission
  11. I'm 97-101 Where are these blueprints and what would be the best chapter to find em and how do I get them Sentry cat Weapon cart Mini chainsaw Junk ball
  12. Oh it's for the digital day one edition purchase. Thought it was for people who didnt get day one and bought the standard edition.
  13. Hmm not really fair. No point getting the day one edition of dr3
  14. I'm 97-101 Where are these blueprints and what would be the best chapter to find em and how do I get them Sentry cat Weapon cart Mini chainsaw Junk ball Also need 1 car but there is no list on here mobile locker was my latest blueprint Hmm that is strange I have 97 weapon blueprints and I got 100 print achievement. Unless vehicle prints count toward it
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