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  1. Long shot but looking for peeps to do the Co-op and Zombies achievements. My GTis Dean9870 hit me up if anyone wants to help me or if I can help anyone else. I have other games that I can help people with too just let me know and I'll see if I have it too.
  2. If anyone can help me with the base game online achievements that'd be cool don't have any DLC sadly. My GamerTag is Dean9870
  3. Glad this does exist!! Going to go through the campaign first then look at this again.
  4. Sunset Overdrive is a pretty underrated game. I think it is worth getting especially with some prices i've been seeing pre-owned.
  5. 5/10 Not extremely bad to do but does need a little finesse if your not good with certain vehicles or weapons in the multiplayer. Campaign is the easiest part obviously as "Lord Raven" said in his post.
  6. I'll help you out if you need me to fill for the achievements. Gamertag is Dean9870
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