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  1. Has anyone else got the steel book edition? I have a 1 inch crack in the disk and was wondering if anyone else has this aswell. Thanks.
  2. I agree about the online achievements which I think can ruin a great game unless they are achievable by everyone ie kill 500 enimies with a rifle. i think these kind of achievements are a good idea but some are ridiculous.
  3. The online in the origanal was great but there was a group of eight of us (full room) and we turned off everything but rifles and made up our own rules which everybody followed and we had fun. But random games u always had people glitching (there was a few)
  4. I'll be on tonight between 10 and 11 pm gmt to go for posse on a pedastal. Send me a message on live if you need it and can lend a hand. Thanks Gt= Camell
  5. Got this today looking to get all online achievements. GT= Camell
  6. Just need legion of boom. add name to list and send me a message on live if you can help or need it aswell. 1. Camell 2. 3. 4. 5.
  7. Hi I need legion of boom and in a van down by the river. anyone getting a group send me a message please I'll help get it with you. Thanks
  8. I'll be there but have to cook kids tea first then I'm good.
  9. Looking to get a team together for smoke that skinwagon. Send me a message on live and add name. 1. Camell 2. 3. 4.
  10. I'll help as I also need it. hopefully get a time I can get online.
  11. I can do sunday but after 9pm (working) but will not be talking (eating) but will listen to instructions.
  12. 1. slycooper20 2. gambino ron1n 3. Spaghetti211 4. AgentZachMorgan 5. CYBER GRIMM 6. FurstderTod 7. DJMouse84 8. Camell 9. Count me in for this.
  13. Thanks guys I'll look next time I'm there.
  14. I have not played this game in a long time and just did shivering isles so I thought I would go back and play the origanal. So I do a couple of missions and decide to go and fight in the arena but when I tried I needed the clothes you need to wear to fight(can't remember the name). Now here is the problem I cant remember where I put it is there a way to get another one or do I have to start again. Thanks
  15. I dont think it saves any guns you pick up. Everytime you exit and re-enter multiplayer it resets to what you have unlocked. I could be wrong though.
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