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    I'm a Gearhead so i perfer driving/racing games. Anything with muscle cars or 4X4's are my fav.
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    Working on automobiles. Xbox 360 and watching Dukes of Hazzard Re-runs.

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  1. The only problem with forgeries is how long ot takes (IN REAL TIME) you gotta run toan inn pay money to rest then wait for server connection. its faster as black cats closer to a working inn post game but it still sucks then too. 480 for a airtight flask copy btw.
  2. Any sold quest items will be fore sale by the black cat.
  3. ahh I see makes sense. Im about to start the main story over yet again. Im curious too see if the dlc resets. It should but it feels so seperated from the main story I have my doubts. Was damn hard too and im level 125. aside from death ive killed atleast 1 of every enemy type though.
  4. obviously this will be a spoiler.....I beat the big demon looking dude but I still have a purple circle. Im not sure why Is there still more quests?
  5. no its still there but it depends on where you dismiss them I noticed. I do t recall if its in the rift or outside (I think in) but yeah still there just not like it used to be.
  6. You will get stronger items but id keep upgrading gold is easy to come by and materials are plentiful for common/low level weapons. They become rarer as the weapons do.
  7. Its made for high level characters im about 20 kevels above you and getting my ass handed to me at times. So level up ASAP my pawns arent dying though. you can use those potions sold where you first get the pawn tutorials to change behavior. make sure you take a mage. lastly you can buy a shit load of empty flasks and fill them at healing springs. they heal whole party in small incraments. They are pretty bad about using them though so id limit how many you give them. I did notice they dont use them nearly as much as they used to maybe it was a balancing fix? Anyway hope that helps.
  8. Anyone have any ideas? if I get in melee range he cuts me down and arrows do so little damage you might as well be fighting ur dragon. Im using assassin and lv 108 most gear dragon forged.
  9. I did try to buy them from the stall in the center of town in gran soren. I thought I used to get them there glad its not just me.
  10. I bought all the dlc already but the sky was total rubbish.
  11. I got a few scrolls one I thought was great if you get hit instead of 0 hp drops to 1. Then I thought about it, if something nearly killed you whats 1 hp gonna do, lol. There sre others thats the only one I remember.
  12. its not on a quest board there is a tutorial like previous post reported. I found it by following a blue circle in the first town. I didnt get the popup until I entered the town.
  13. The game is hd, always has been. You just need to download the pack to make it so.
  14. I have been a member on this site forever. im used to it and alotvof users are very helpful is why I stayed. As fsr as the topic goes I was curious what responses were.
  15. I love the game too have 1000g and still playing. I play for fun not achievements.
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