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  1. wow... after reading that, i gotta say I really dont like the amount of detail they've removed from the title. I'll be buying my copy from the UK to ensure I get to see all the gore that I want.
  2. I have found a bit of info on L4D2 that is worth a look. Its about it being banned in AUS/NZ. I've posted on the forum so if you'd like to take a look, i'd appreciate it :)


    In the forum post there are a couple of links to my sources.

    Thanks :)

  3. A few weeks back x360a.org reported that Left 4 Dead 2 would not be making it to Australia/New Zealand as our classification systems would not meet the game and allow it through. Though the word out at the moment is that Valve have produced an "Editted" version, though it only edits one simple factor, you will not have the ability to Decapitate Infected in the game. With this MINOR alteration, you will be able to purchase the game within AUS/NZ and play it, this also includes the STEAM version which will be altered and released as the "CUT" version via DL. http://www.cybergamer.com.au/forums/thread/31563/Left-4-Dead-2-MA15/ I found it on a local website within AUS. Accredited gaming site. OFLC website is; http://www.oflc.gov.au/www/cob/find.nsf/5b6ebdff7f5b9a24ca2575ca00062226/981b9f23b74dbc0aca2576480057fedc!OpenDocument Which shows you the game is now classified as MA15+. And the date was changed on the 7th of October. Only yesterday. And finally, an interview with Gabe Newell about the games expected release and the editted version; http://www.kotaku.com.au/2009/10/valve-appealing-editing-left-4-dead-2-for-aussie-classification/ There we go. Pretty interesting. But i'll still be getting mine from the UK so its the UNCUT version, unless they patch it once its out... Which is possible.
  4. EOD N3XXlS - My name has a lowercase L in it, not an I.
  5. Add me to XBL EOD N3XXlS --- My l in my name is a LOWER CASE L. I wrote out about 20 minutes worth of description on how to do it using a really useful glitch, and my browser reset it, so add me to XBL and i'll explain it to you using MIC. lol
  6. Gamertag: EOD N3XXlS <-- The I is a lower case L.
  7. The "Back 2 help" achievement is pretty simple. Though it can be a problem. You must enter the safe room and have your friend OUTSIDE the saferoom, he/she must NOT have entered the room otherwise it will not count. Then have him/her get downed, then you leave the saferoom, revive them and then head back to the safehouse, once they enter the room it should unlock the achievement immediately there-after. You do NOT need to shut the door, if it doesn't unlock, you're doing something wrong.
  8. Well I hate to burst your bubble but its 100% possible to get on top of the plane in the Finale of Dead Air. You don't use the minigun, I don't even know about the Minigun your referring to, I have only had the game for almost a month. The way you get to the top of the plane now is by using a Gas Tank, a Baggage cart and about 10 minutes of effort lol. Its simple, you throw the gas tank at the baggage cart and walk at it as it hits the cart, you will "glitch" and push the cart, then you basically just need to move it into position under the wing of the plane that is near the dirt (not the turret side) and then jump onto the cart then up onto the wing. FYI you need to use the cart that is laying on its side next to the Small Truck in front of the plane.
  9. This hasn't been patched. The jesus room has not been patched. And I would suggest doing this on Dead Air as the "Top of the plane" exploit works better than the jesus room. If you need to know how to do it, just search it on Youtube, easiest done once you've seen a video on it. If you need help my GT is in my sig and i'll explain how to do the Plane Exploit. Goodluck and i'll be trying this for Nothing Special sometime soon.
  10. The patch doesn't apply to single player or multiplayer campaign, it only takes effect in Versus and survival mode. And to my knowledge theres no patch in place on the boomer to make him agressive if his boomer biles dont work. Just try re-arranging the way your standing, or even so, just kill the boomer then go get another one in a few minutes, i believe they should still spawn again.
  11. The dead air campaign itself is difficult, more frustrating than anything. As tanks get into rediculous places and rip you up. Always TRY and have atleast 1 person with a Molotov and 1 person with a pipe bomb at all times, try and heal ONLY when you've been downed once as this stops med-wastage, and if theres a med on the ground, heal the most injured player and then grab the spare med. Auto shotties are probably the best thing to go with as it rips through infected, SI and tanks etc. Avoid witches at all cost. The finale is simple, there is a Exploit in which you push a baggage trolley to the plane and then hop ontop of it, then simple melee each other for the duration of the hold out, as stupid as it sounds it works because the Melee stops any SI hurting you or Smokers nabbing your mates from beside you, then once you get the word that the plane door is open, simply walk off the back, you just walk DONT jump off the side, just walk off backwards and run straight on, be quick otherwise the SI WILL get you in your transition from top of the plane to inside the plane. And FYI, the way you move the baggage carts is by throwing a gas tank at it (not red petrol tin) and running into it as it hits the side, you will glitchy-push the cart around, then simply push it up to teh wing nearest the dirt side of the plane and position it so you can hop up. This is also by far the easiest way of getting Untouchables, it takes about 10 minutes to set up the cart right though. Good luck using this strategy
  12. rushers are countered kinda easily with a couple of turrets and if your a human i suggest 2-4 tanks no matter who you are, and if your covenant than about 3-4 hunters and same with jackels are a good support, however rushing leaders are hard to deal with, namingly the Prof n Chieftain, but still doable with good teamwork, 1v1 rushers are harder, 3v3 are a piece of cake generally. Worst ive found now is teams of people going as 3 Cutter's and all mac'ing your base at the start of the game, serious dog tactic. FYI I realise i posted a while back dogging on boosters, but I stand corrected, they can be easily dealt with, though an army of gause hogs 3 minutes in still makes me rage.
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