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    im 24 enjoy family and gamin also help others if needed
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    portsmouth uk
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    gaming, football, music, my kids lol
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  1. I was progressing nicely on single player season in UT and everytime now I select a league do the first game then as it finished you gain 3 points etc...it shoots me bk to the menu and I'm bk to the first match again...yet it gives me the coins etc and uses the boost any ideas....
  2. Yea hope so I'm sire rockstar will do some form of deal....hopefully its on all platforms aswell...
  3. That's what I was thinking which sucks I'm hoping they do like they did with Minecraft wen they put in on XBO you jus pay a small difference if you already have the game
  4. I would like to knw as I bought this like 5 years ago on 360 when it was an xbox title would it jus b updated or would I have to pay for another title...
  5. Awesome glitch and supriesed it ain't fixed yet
  6. I jus started true vault hunter mode and lost all my data any ideas message me
  7. Hey man like I said in message dnt understand how its double posted must b a prob at my end somewhere but im aware of rules etc....thanx for the heads up on bl2 no worries also there 2 seperate posts sayin 2 seperate things im sure thats aloud also with in the space of 20 min if im wrong then ill read your link...
  8. good guide bruv alot of handy tips should help jus need to get infinity pistol smasher and a gud corrosive gun
  9. gonna try the kss glitch if it aint patched gonna try and finish big game hunt soon
  10. this game looks epicly fun
  11. guessin if chievo list is up shall b soon i hope...
  12. dj115

    Buy or Rent

    I've rented m8 but may buy as it's not to bad good time waster ...
  13. ive had the same sme times its ok sme times its not...
  14. yea hppened agin then i remembered to swap ball lol
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