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  1. I'm looking for someone to work on some of the MP achievements on this. GT - Severe XxX
  2. I'm keen to do all mp cheevos. I think we need 4 people? GT - Severe XxX
  3. Looking for people to boost this with MP! I have two xboxs to help out, GT - Severe XxX
  4. Looking to do some serious boosting on this game, will be playing this until i have all 1000G! Add me GT - Severe XxX
  5. Looking to boost this GT - Severe XxX
  6. Need a good Dedicated Co-op partner for the Alien Breed series!!
  7. I have created many sessions on TrueAchievements.com so have a look at the times and let me know which ones you are free for. ***************** PAL ONLY! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< **************
  8. Well done bro, I'm jealous Still hunting for PAL users
  9. On top of what Pasanius has said we actually need anybody with the UK version!! The US version is not compatable we only need one or two more people so let me know!!
  10. Fair call I say the game def is not the greatest flight game I have played either, I found myself just skipping the storyline as it bored me, which is very very uncommon for my gaming!
  11. I need to boost this game!!! GT- Oo TripleXxX oO
  12. I'm about halfway through my legend playthrough now! I'm gonna try and smash it out and 100% this game
  13. I am now just after the 50hours, Either a few 10hour sessions leaving xbox's on. Or Leaving it on for the full time. Let me know if you want in
  14. I want to boost for the Co-Op missions and the 'Formation Attack' And then I will need someone for the 50hours GT - Oo TripleXxX oO
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