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  1. Still missing something for the Beam me up achievements. Don't know what still.
  2. I'm about to unlock the sub 13 side mission. Looking for a full party of people for the achievement.
  3. Recently started this game and I need help with the co op quests and the targeting achievements.
  4. If it is fate that I cross paths with this game, then I will send it to the darkest bowels of completion hell.
  5. I've failed at this achievement twice now. Kicking my ass.
  6. I'm missing 8 pins. I've cleaned out all the stores. Is there anyway two double check?
  7. On the 360 version, I think two of blackbeards chest are glitched out or something. Is there any way to resolve this?
  8. I'm starting this game soon. Looking to knockout as much online shit as I can.
  9. Between the connection issues and people having no kind of heart, this DLC was the biggest pain in the ass I faced in a very long time.
  10. So is this like a crossword puzzle type game?
  11. It says I'm at 96% on lore despite the fact that all items across all the maps are collected. Makes me nervous.
  12. I'm looking to do all the multiplayer achievements DLC included.
  13. Slowly getting there, but it is hard when you have bad connections and people constantly quit.
  14. I try hosting a heist and everytime they keep sending me back to single player.
  15. hard to get stuff done when connection issues arise and people aren't willing to ride.
  16. I'm ready to work with those who really want it.
  17. I'm ready to boost. Pulled right back into the abyss
  18. I should be able to clear this easy while screwing the wife. Fun times.
  19. Wanted to know if cheats will disable achievements. I figure they will just want a conformation.
  20. DESTRO5


    I think I gotta regain some of these weapons cause of the load choices.
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