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  1. Can confirm this worked for me. Thanks for this I was pulling hair out!
  2. I could be wrong, but i think the achievement on s1: terrance village might be missable. If memory servers, fireworks dont respawn. Or they didnt in original trilogy anyway.
  3. Why pay dollhairs, when you can win it. Gt: Mmartynn
  4. For anyone wanting to change pet/dweller names on fallout shelter xbone. Click left thumbstick on who/what you want changing.
  5. I currently have a group of 5 set up for ALL raid achievements. We are all level 40 and at time of post 340+ light. We are mainly aiming for alt Friday and Saturdays. But if more people join then sessions during the week. Due to forum rules I can't post link. So hit me up on xbox live if your interested and I will send you the link. Gamer tag: Mmartynn
  6. Looking to boost the new cheevos I have 1 spare controller Message me on xbox: Mmartynn
  7. Looking to do all raid and strike cheevos. Level 37 &186 light (at time of post, will likely be higher as time passes) Message me on xbox: Mmartynn
  8. Looking to boost all MP cheevos. Hit me up on xbox if interested Mmartynn
  9. ^^ no one will boost if you haven't got the equipment. The achievements can be difficult for a group of fully maxed out amps/guns. So someone new to the game has no chance and is only going to make things harder
  10. Only need to two DLC chaos squad achievements but am willing to trade for other achies. Inc beat me dev achievement. Hit me up on xbox live Mmartynn
  11. Still after downtown, mooil rig and robotics chaos map achievements. Willing to trade for other areas. Hit me up on Xbox if interested. Gt: Mmartynn
  12. Looking to boost all mp cheevos. Hit me up on live if ur interested. Mmartynn
  13. As a little tip. If you can manage to keep yourself in the air by up hill grappling and stay within course boundaries, you can make all the extra points you need before hitting the last checkpoint. Its a slow process but I helps on some of the tricker courses
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