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  1. Since the patch, the game froze for me when I played rush on the dam level - that is the first freeze I have had in a long time (although that was also the first time I've played rush in a long time, usually just play TDM). I have never played flood zone on TDM before but now it came up, is this something new? Also noticed a sound glitch on another level where it constantly played the victory/round end music but not the in game sounds & i read on the xbox one forum someone else had the same issue. I have also noticed I appear as a green star on the minimap and my squad are little stars as well.
  2. Good to see some of these tracks on here, I can't wait to cruise around in a low rider with still Dre playing on the radio
  3. It looks like the weapons have been lost somewhere, I messaged Equinox360 and he "can't remember" who he passed them to. But if anyone does have a near full set of weapons I would be grateful if you could help me out.
  4. I imagine the population has dropped since judgement released but not too sure by how much, hopefully there are some people still playing it. Does anyone know if the 10xp is still active in multiplayer?
  5. I dont know if i should buy the battlefield 3 premium. They have dropped it to 3200 from 4000, although this is still £27 which is almost the price of the whole game. I also bought the back to karkand dlc when it was on deal of the week last time,they made it 600 points instead of 1200 but then I think the premium season pass was released afterwards. Overall I will have spent 3800 points if I buy the season pass and only saved 200 points against its normal price. I do want to get all the DLC's as I would like to get the achievements in those map packs but not sure if im best off waiting for the dlc's to reduce individually or a cheaper season pass. Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. Weapons disappear too quickly once they have been dropped and its annoying having to play the same level twice in a row.
  7. Congrats to Smrnov I also noticed him gaining rapdily on Stallion and if he continues at the same rate should very quickly overtake him. Stallion shouldn't be sitting too comfortably right about now.
  8. Is there only one ribbon available even though there is suppsoed to be multiple events on? Or will it change each day?
  9. Exactly what I was thinking - these tv's most cost a fortune and weigh an awful lot too.
  10. If they release these remakes and they sell well then there will be no reason not to make shenmue 3. I will gladly purchase both of these re-releases at any price if it means Im helping to get shenmue 3 released. Yu Suzuki needs to stay involved as well.
  11. Happy birthday to x360a, keep it going. Here's a nice video to celebrate! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvCfDn6Z_Po]Birthday Cake! - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Haha Im loving that - it looks really cool where people have to be a bit more creative.
  13. I will be playing as Kim for ages now, he was always the character I used in gears 1 and 2 so if you see me online you can go for me, but I wont be "allowing" people to execute me. This achievement will be one that comes with a bit of time, if your so bummed about getting it already even though the dlc has been out 1 day I would suggest boosting it.
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