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  1. On the store page it just shows Xbox one. Kinda weird that 9 is play anywhere and 7 isn't.
  2. Tried the scripts out to getting a max of 12 out. For some reason on PC the game keeps dropping my inputs, when i try to talk to town folk, sometimes have to press Enter 2-6 time before i start talking to them, but i can see on the ! that it flashes like i pressed the button. It's the same with a controller. Tried changing the Resolution, refresh rate (have a 144 hertz monitor) tried in window mode and resize that, and still nothing :/
  3. I can confirm that you get all the dlc for Borderlands JP only have the standard edition and all the dlc was under my ready to install list
  4. Type 2 is the standard Left-stick to aim from the original
  5. Nope. The only way to get those two with GWFL you had to get them from the GFWL marketplace. Dark Void's retail copy was GFW only
  6. I just wished they made more 16bit style games instead. Games like Shovel Knight show that they can still be some of the most beautiful games made
  7. Just checked and the 360 version is also removed from the store.
  8. Or if you have a pc with windows 10, use 360 controllers trough the pc. (Need a Usb reciever if you only have wireless 360 controllers)
  9. Warning about Nightmare mode Got to Act 2 and got the first checkpoint, but after a few attempts the game crashed and i had to start from the beginning of Nightmare mode again.
  10. Just got my Alan Wake code today, but the win 10 key will first be send out on april the 15th
  11. Just saw that Japan got Borderlands (JP) for GWG. Has anyone tried putting gold on a Japan GT and "Get it" and then check if you can download it on Xbox One?
  12. Thank man. Just need the one with not watering any flowers. You have delete dlc, boot up the game and then download the dlc while in the main menu (have to do this each time you you start up the game)
  13. Does anybody know how to get the alternate path on the second dlc level (The Trees) It seems i need to cross the river, but i can figure out how
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