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  1. Mine's pirated & Im not ashamed of admitting it.
  2. & there is 8 ppl on the leaderboards lol, all of em testers. Would like to get a group going before this game goes public for the achievements.
  3. HA! Just beat it on Hard. Evil ending=harvesting the sisters is WAYYYY better.
  4. I'd just like to point out that the diary locations (msworld's) Guide is incomplete. I have been playing on hard collecting the diaries 1 by 1. I stumbled upon 2 diaries that were NOT in the guide, I triple checked it myself..Just a little FYI
  5. So, what did you guys think of the ending? I thought it was pretty good. I saved all little sisters so I got the good ol'happy ending. If I harvest I get another one. Anyways, do you think there will be a Bioshock 3?
  6. Playing it now & I am at the part where you enter the secret passage to the underground plasmid where Elenore is being held.... something like that. & I don't have any guns?? When I try and select my weapons it's Blank/dark. All I have is my drill/hack dart & camera. Is this part of the story?? EDIT: Drill Specialist is a tonic that lets you use the drill ONLY...took some time to sort all the tonics out.
  7. Multiplayer has freezing issues, this is also all over the xbox forums. You're not alone.
  8. Civil War. Got level 40 in 18hrs worth of gametime.
  9. NVM found out what they were.
  10. Nope. It can be done 1 at a time, just kill 3 in a row without dying.
  11. Cheezy Fun! Does get boring after a while.
  12. Level 40 Achieved in 18:06:23. 848 Adam per game, average players get 500-600+ Pro Players get 800+ XD XD XD
  13. FYI This guide is incomplete. Castero & I have found a few not listed. So either you missed some or you took this from another site.
  14. Thanks for this bud. Will be using this on my 2nd playthrough.
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