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  1. well i was trying state of decay 2 yesterday morning but it kept booting up and then going right back to the home screen so no idea what was going on, ended up playing some darksiders 2 deathenitive edition
  2. which one is the scorpio?? i have the 76 xbox one x bundle i bought a couple years ago from gamestop, and thats the only game where the fan kicks on high
  3. SirPS4Sir

    Joker (2019)

    loved it myself, was enjoyable and definitly a buy on blue ray for me
  4. how does it play on a one x?? i have it in my backlog
  5. Sis PS4 Sir is my gamertag, i play for a few hours every morning after work and pretty much all night long on monday and tuesday nights. Have a headset and aways down for some multiplayer stuff or just bs in party chat
  6. nightmare sounds interesting for sure, have the game on digital and the dlc, might have to boot it up soon
  7. so dumb question then, i can knock out the game and just run thru it and eventually leave collectibles for last and do replay episodes?
  8. sweet for using old guides, i think i might try to do one run on it and get whatever cheevos i can for it
  9. have this in my huge backlog and now after reading this im not sure if i will speed thru it or just take my time with it now
  10. would love to get down and start slowly knocking out cheevo's for zombies and what not. send a message thru xbox if interested GT- Sir PS4 Sir
  11. What's up guys First things first, please never ever stab the bride's fathers head with your sword. so been a xbox user since 2017 and kinda retired the gamertag before and started fresh again. Decided to hop on here and start posting and things since i work at a logistics site for my job and my evenings are spent doing nothing but on occasion check a truck in and out and then return to youtube or my switch lite. Gamertag is Sir PS4 Sir come one and come all and follow. and if you need help with a game just hit me up and if i have it i will join up. Nights off are monday and tuesday nights.
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