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  1. So am I just to copy the achievement list and write a guide for each, am I allowed to attach weblinks such as an interactive maps as a guide say for all collectibles?
  2. Alright then. Ill be getting round to it once ive finished V and all the DLC, I should be done with V by the end of this weekend hopefully.
  3. Fair enough then pal but no it 😥 shows up as you can see GeezerShadow, i honestly don't think ill ever get it removed either as I have an achievement in the application, Keep up the good work man.
  4. Anyone doing a guide for the gta trilogy or is it up for grabs?
  5. Why do you track games that have 0 achievements in them and applications that feature 0g achievements. Do you think you will add a hide features for things like application achievements. As its quite annoying as I will never be able to 100% them as A im banned on TA and B things like youtube and twitch has broken achievements and would love to be able to hide such things. (I'm Banned on TA as I didn't agree with their new cheating policy and had a disagreement with a mod)
  6. Well I'm currently working on gta v, if anyone else is currently grinding or playing gta and want to do achievements such as criminal masterminds I'm down any day if u need teaching im willing to teach. But I don't disagree with you guys cods trash now days filled with sweaty try hards and no lifers, the only thing that makes cod fun now days is the zombies and the campaign.
  7. Looking for 3 people for criminal Masterminds you can message me on here or on Xbox im from the UK but can play anytime. My GT is GeezerShadow
  8. https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/call-of-duty-modern-warfare/achievements/GeezerShadow COD: MW(2019) showed up as no list.
  9. Looking for a person to go through the campaign with me for the co-op achievement im from the UK
  10. Looking for people to boost only need 3 more people just add me on Xbox. Im from the UK
  11. That looks Hella smart thought. I'm excited to see it roll out once it rolls out.
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