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  1. how do you get the costumes? can't seem to find it in the menus....although its probably right in front of me///
  2. thing about that is my roommate and i play it split screen....and we're the only ppl i know who actually have the game...guess im just waiting til february when its (hopefully) available to everyone
  3. so from my understanding, you had to get a code to play extraction when you preordered the game...i didnt preorder. am i S.O.L. here or what?
  4. ive heard it has something to do with a perk called "bling", but thats horse shit, because i dont have it and money has blown out of my guy when he's died a few times...its bugging the shit out of me because i cant figure it out. any insight would be great...
  5. if you dont want to talk w/ your teammates, then o well, your right. but nothing stops you from still talking to your friends. if the party chat is a big deal, play a mode that allows it. thats why there are more than one modes...
  6. few things wrong with this.... they ditched the party chat in multiplayer to encourage communication between teammates....in case you didnt notice, its only disabled in TEAM type game modes. IW didn't make WaW. they alternate with Treyarch with the development of the games. and WaW sucked anyways, story and multiplayer....because Treyarch fucked it up the multiplayer menus are the same as CoD4, with a few minor tweaks (titles, emblems, shit like that). the multiplayer plays the same as CoD4, with the exception of the riot shield and a few other weapons, and the new game modes. the only difference is your HUD and the titles popping up in the corner or the bottom.
  7. just found out, that for the achievements like "that's how i roll", you dont have to play as your own team 100% of the time. i was playing thru the bowls for the full trophy case achievement and after a game between georgia and oklahoma, "that's how i roll" popped up, and my season showdown team is alabama....
  8. does this unlock at the end of the game or as soon as you do it?
  9. if i hadnt accidentally unlocked it on a friend of mine's 360 i would think it was glitched....ive sent that damn thing flying across the cage more times than i want to count, but no achievement...
  10. did you use any grapple moves? cause the achievement for a KO is for getting the KO without using ANY grappling against the computer fighter.
  11. thanks....i was about to drive myself nuts looking for this friggin thing...
  12. i played half of the campaign over xbox live with a buddy, then finished split screen this weekend with someone else signed in with an account off of my 360, and i got it, so it should work for you too
  13. i havent even played this online yet...but from what you said, im starting to consider just going for the single player ones....its that kind of shit that makes me play CoD4 over WaW....all ive really found to correct the problem if the publisher wont is to get everyone on your team to file either a system tampering or cheating report....and then get other peole to do even if they didnt play against the douche...
  14. http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/64631/posts/1405893.aspx
  15. its about damn time i found some help with these...thanks a lot. i've been trying to do the late flips for what seems like forever.
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