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  1. I'm at about 70% complete and so far the thing that I am disappointed with in this game are the lack of puzzles. Tomb Raider for me has always been about using your brain and solving many puzzles throughout the campaign and in this there aren't any, for that reason this game to me doesn't feel like a Tomb Raider at all. It is a very good action game though, don't get me wrong, I love it, it's great and I've enjoyed myself playing it. I just feel if they kept on the Tomb Raider path and had puzzles then this game would have been even greater. Also the quick time events and sliding as others have said is another thing I dislike, it was great the first few times but it is very overused after that and becomes repetitive. If you can see past all those then this is still a very good game. I've enjoyed it a lot.
  2. ^^^This! I am always thinking I should be winning free kicks when my player gets knocked off the ball aggressively and goes to ground, but then when I shoulder barge someone and they're still standing with the ball, they get a free kick? Doesn't make sense. Offside calls can be ridiculous at times. Last night I was playing a game online, my team mate had the ball ahead of everyone and ahead of the oppositions defenders running towards goal, he squared the ball to another team mate who was at least a meter behind him and that was offside? I've had decisions against me when I am clearly behind the defender but it's still offside for some reason.
  3. I thought this only happened to me. It's incredibly annoying like you say. It's happened to me quite a few times and the sound never comes back, even a quit to dashboard doesn't fix it for me, you have to actually turn your Xbox off and on again which sucks.
  4. Yeah it does, I think first time I finished Way of the Ninja I had about 125 faults, then halved that, then got it down to around 25 and earlier when I gave it a go, I managed to get it down to 12 faults. Practice does make perfect and once you learn how to do certain obstacles then they become easier.
  5. I am no expert but hopefully these tips can help you out. The burning log - Best way to do this is 2 consecutive bunny hops, from the checkpoint lean forward, start to accelerate, then lean back quickly and push yourself foraward, at this point you should lean back and you will find yourself landing your back wheel on the log and from here you will need to push yourself forward again to make the jump. It might sound complicated or hard to do but once you learn the squence it's pretty easy. Forward, back, forward, back, forward. Barrel on slope - From the checkpoint you want to approach the slope slowly but not too slowly, you want to keep tapping the RT to accelerate slowly, once you hit the plywood you want to lean back then hit the gas and push yourself forward. You will shoot up the ramp (not too fast or you will over shoot the barrel or missing it completely) ,once you are above the barrel you will want to land on your front wheel while holding LT. Basically you will be balancing on your front wheel on the barrel and then you can just release and land on your back wheel and then throw yourself forward accross the gap (bunny hop). Again this section will look hard to do, but if you can get the hang of the above you will find it easy, hopefully. 3 slanted boxes - From the chekcpoint you will want to bunny hop onto the first box, once you hit it you will want to lean back then push yourself forward while accelerating and you should bounce off and right onto the second box, here you can either do the bounce again leaning back and forward or you can land yourself onto the box and start pulsing the RT, lean forward and from the bottom of the box you will want to hit the acceleration then lean back and forward again as you are about to hit the top of the box, you should land on to the 3rd box and here you will want to do the same as the previous box ( landing on to it and pulsing the RT while leaning forward), then shoot yourself up the box and make the jump. I had trouble with this part and still do sometimes. If you get to these sections, just keep practising the above until you do it, once you do it hit the B button and keep trying it some more until you get the hang of it, best way to learn.
  6. I think 7 minutes is doable, I have finished it in around 7m30s before going at a slowish pace. This is probably the only track I need to 0 fault (not counting extremes), I always seem to make one really stupid mistake that I wouldn't normally make, I've only attempted it 4 or 5 times but I'm sure I'll manage it, will give it a go now actually.
  7. My first try was about 390 faults in around 22 mins, my try after that was 125 faults, got that down to 65, my last try just now was 23 faults in 2:09. The hardest part for me was the triple incline but I've almost perfected that now so can pass it within a few faults. The one that gets me the most now is the part where you are doing the hill climb up that bridge or whatever it is and you've got to jump the gap and continue climbing to the top, if I can learn to do that then I can probably get my faults down to around 10-15.
  8. This was a problem I encountered on Trials HD too, everything would work fine until you test the track, I had to stop working on many tracks because of it, my ideas would just go out the window and I couldn't find a fix. Maybe someone else knows a reason for this as I am clueless too.
  9. I suffer from really bad migraines and my TV doesn't handle black colours pretty well so I have to put the brightness up on most of my games but I haven't had any headaches/migraines at all and I mostly play with my Geth Hunter. The only problem I have is the same as most people here, not being able to see the blue marker on the objective rounds so I normally have to turn the hunter mode off and on again.
  10. Yep me too, got kicked out of a game and now I get an error message every time I try to go into multiplayer. That's EA for you.
  11. Not necessarily, I rented this game out from Lovefilm and bought an online pass from eBay for only £2.50 ($3.96?), can keep the game as long as I want too. I am not sure how much the preowned versions of the game are going for but the new copies over here are going for just over £20 so either way it's a bargain.
  12. I am sure you have never bought DLC for a game in your life? This is no different, this isn't the first game either to give weapons or characters as DLC in which you pay for., even though this one is free. IMO this is the same as FIFA Ultimate Team, each week they bring out new in form players which you can get in packs, you can either buy those packs with MSP's or with the in game coins, nobody complains because that's how it is and how it should be, both EA so same concept. I don't expect to get free DLC and then complain that it's unfair I have to spend in game credits or MSP's to unlock them. Gives you something to play for, makes the game far less boring, what would be the fun of having everything unlocked straight away? At the end of the day they didn't have to give us free DLC , if they didn't then people like you wouldn't complain because they wouldn't have been expecting it in the first place.
  13. Absolutely hate the patch, they've pretty much ruined everything. My favourite gun was the M16A3 with a silencer, not anymore, then I liked the AK, not anymore. I pick a class, spawn with a completely different one. If I spawn on someone I want to spawn the way they are facing like before, not spawn backwards and by the time I turn around I am dead. The suppression is stupid, the graphics to me seem like they've gotten worse, it's like I am in a cartoon with everything being so bright and colourful, stupid. While I disliked the long wait of 30 seconds before the game started, I don't like starting straight away as I want to be able to sort my class out and by the time I'm done it's too late. I was starting to get bored of BF3 before, having played it today I'll probably trade it in as it's not the same game anymore.
  14. Nearly everywhere has started doing it for around that price now. It's great if you want to pick it up but it means it isn't selling so well hence the price drop. The CoD games never drop in price as they are always very popular even after a year or so.
  15. I'm more impressed by this: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrOIgxQ--Tc&list=UUdbd4O5KnIHRWUTtpoF8slA&index=1&feature=plcp]Battlefield 3 - Jet Swap - YouTube[/ame]
  16. I am glad that it is not just me that this happens too, it seems the medi-gel is more rare than some weapons, I hardly ever get any. I find myself playing bronze more often now as I don't like going into silver without medi-gels. I was gonna try doing this method when I saved up all my credits but forgot and bought some spectre packs but I was quite pleased as I got a few good weapons out of them: M-98 Widow, Geth Pulse Rifle, Geth Plasma Shotgun, Spike Thrower, Claymore and a few others. I never use any of them though except sometimes the Widow as I always go into battle with my Avenger X.
  17. I liked the DART the most that was my fav,. I only really started to use them and get the unlocks so I could unlock the AK for the US team and the M16A3 for the RU team.
  18. I don't have a problem with people using Vanguard because it can be quite effective if used right, I just hate it when they are taking all the kills especially when you are clearly shooting at an enemy and all you get is an assist. I've gone a few rounds before with having 1 kill or no kills at all playing along side some Vanguards. I know it's not about the kills but I want to feel like I am actually contributing to the team and doing something rather than not getting any kills or running around looking for at least 1 enemy to kill before the wave ends as that is no fun and that is why I play to MP to have fun.
  19. Not necessarily true, I've played with a few level ones on silver and we've ended up finishing it, although the Reapers for me are a lot harder. First of all you need a team that can work together, that is more important and if a level 1 can do that then great you've got more of chance than if someone was a high rank and going out alone taking on enemies. But yes, I recommend also playing some Bronze matches to better your characters and get the feel as it really doesn't take long to level them up, then you'd be more prepared for silver. Yeah that's what I done too, I ranked up my characters before I attempted silver but I still find myself going back to bronze just to try out new characters and new things and if it goes well then I can bring it into silver, although sometimes that doesn't always work out. I am waiting till I get a few more good weapons before I attempt gold properly. Silver isn't that hard but you just got to have a good team where everyone's powers can be used for good effect. I like to use my Asari Adept for trapping everyone in the Stasis bubble especially Phantoms, it's very effective especially on silver.
  20. I encountered this the first time I tried to play MP, 3 of the guys were around rank 30 and they all decided to kick me, so I sent them a message letting them know what I thought and that everyone has to start at rank 1 sometime. I played the demo to death and I was a rank 50+ on that so I knew what I was doing when I started, you just gotta find those people that give you a chance, I am now a rank 78 I think. There was one lobby I was in with two high ranks, and a new guy joined us, straight away one of the high ranks voted to kick him and so did the other, the decision was on me but I refused to kick him, the new guy voted to kick one of the high ranks back and then the other guy was just messing around voting on everyone and once he chose the guy that the new guy picked I quickly voted too and kicked him, then the game actually started after 5 mins of waiting, that was pretty funny. I find your best bet is to go into Bronze matches, most people don't mind new ranks as it's pretty easy, you just need to find the right people who like me will give you a chance. The only time I'll vote to kick someone is if everyone is ready and the last guy refuses to ready up, I'll give them some time before I vote, or assholes like the guy I mentioned above.
  21. This happens to me all the time on squad rush, if they can't handle losing then they shouldn't be playing that game mode, it happened 2 games in a row today. What's worse is how it never adds anyone new to the team that quit and in the next round it becomes 4 against 0 and nobody will join until one person on your squad decides to switch sides. I love to play squad rush but those are some of the reasons why it pisses me off all the time, along with people who like to sit back and snipe when attacking, especially when the MCOM is inside a building and half the time the enemies would be too, it doesn't make sense to me. It's hard enough sometimes attacking with 4 players if the enemy is defending well but when 1 or 2 people sit back it becomes impossible, that really pisses me off so I spend the rest of the game shooting near them giving away their positions and shooting smoke on them.
  22. Lol what? How can you choose how good players are in a team? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Maybe you mean that you can see what ranks people are, that doesn't necessarily mean they are good players depending if they are Colonels or not. Yesterday I was the only Colonel on a team full of players under rank 20, the opposite team were the majority of Colonels and guess what, they all sucked and we destroyed them with ease. As thm241 said above, you can choose what map you want to play with quick match, you can choose which game mode you want to play with quick match. I don't get why people have to say which is better or not when they both do the exact same thing, put you into games that you want to play.
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    Ahh ok that makes sense, my mistake, didn't know about the message. I don't think I'll bother going for the 85 million, my clubs value at the moment is around 7-8 million with a rating of 85, I'd rather just make the coins and buy good players to strengthen my squad, unless I can make some serious coins then I can go for it.
  24. Dr4gOnsFuRy


    Don't know what you guys above me are on about, the OP has asked for tips on making coins, not how to get the achievement for the 85 million club value. The only way to earn coins is playing games, winning tournaments or buying players for cheap and sell them off for profit.
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