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  1. Like many others here, my gamertag hasn't updated in 3 months. Any help here would be hot!
  2. I linked my Xbox account to my existing Among Us account on Steam and now these achievements will not unlock. I've unlocked achievements that should be after, like get 5 kills, but am unable to unlock these.
  3. I can agree with that, I'm probably going to wait until co-op is available before playing through it.
  4. So far so good with it's multiplayer! I hope the campaign lives up to the hype!
  5. Now that the multiplayer is available, I think the movement system works well for it!
  6. Welcome to Xbox Achievements! I am glad you are enjoying your Xbox S, it is a fantastic console!
  7. I am also from Texas! NothThaGod, welcome to Xbox Achievements!
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