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  1. its real achievements, they havent shown on trueachievements yet so i am only assuming we are playing it slightly too early
  2. if anyone is interested in rivalry achievement be my guest. message me. gamertag: luuwat we can try for the submission and knockout season also, i seem to have problems finding people to play so it may be boostable. seems like when i try find a match it end up with unable to find an opponent alot of the times. (maybe it won't let you play the same guy twice...who knows)
  3. same here, i done all the mountain i think you need to unlock the ultimate event...only the alaska one unlocked and that one doesnt seem to have any event locked. collect those coins!
  4. hopefully not, one of the worst grind games...dont want to do it again for the xbox one
  5. well i still need Exterminator Win a game on each map in Swarm on Hard or Insane difficulty if anyone is up for it msg me. we should have 4 ppl really. 1. luuwat 2. 3. 4.
  6. i cant get into one hardcore game at the start still, seems to be happening to specific people which include myself. anyone have any solutions?
  7. update has seem to mess things up, this has nothing to do with ready'ing up. you think i be posting this thread if that was the problem?
  8. thanks for the replies guys, i thought it was my console/connection which had this problem. was getting really paranoid with this
  9. has anyone else experienced this problem when the game starts up you dont end up being spawned? its happened alot to me at the beginning where i DONT get to play till the checkpoint. get really annoying to why other people games are loading and mine taking a long time.
  10. i just googleed games for windows and found out literally, was in a rush to try do at least 1 batman game...now i can rest assure i do it sometime now good news for PC gamers who didnt have time do anything.
  11. this new extinction is ridiculously hard, its harder then all 3 combined from the older ones. no joke
  12. i saw one guy who was a gen 6 and i was going through is achievements and it unlocked lol, hope it happens to me lol
  13. several achievements are bugged, i dont even have the ones for finn, tristis and gen joining..
  14. I still haven't even touched it till my last post. lol I am thinking about relisting it on ebay unless you have a good offer for me.
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