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  1. lol the jar of razors arnt jus the metal blades, they have the plastic handle to shave with. good score on the xsx, there is a huge shortage as im sure u know. my brother paid 1300 for a ps5. i totally agree with you as far as gift giving and receiving, i get more ecited now by giving gifts and seeing there reactions rather than me getting them. i think that comes with maturity, im in my 30s myself.
  2. hey everyone, i thought it would be kool to say what we got for christmas. maybe you have a particular gift that you are proud of receiving or has special meaning. i got some slippers from my granny of course lol, got a 3 set of adidas cologne, a kool multitool from my father as he knows im a prepper and we have our gadgets! also a huge glass jar full of disposable razors, pretty weird but its looks neat and is useful at the same time lol. rest of the family gave me money, pretty lazy tbh. i prefer gifts that take thought and reflect on how much they know me as a person but i guess i cant complain much as im a recluse! hahaha (to mods, this is my first thread so if its in the wrong place feel free to move it!)
  3. perspective and choice means alot, we can choose to see things differently if we wished. i have family i dislike to the point where i avoid them all yr, also had family pass that effected holidays. my grandmother use to host the whole family at her home for thanksgiving or christmas and everythin inbetween, around 30 of us. when she passed no one picked up after her. i know she wodnt want her death to effect me negatively. actually when i do get together with family those i favor and not, we can all share fond memories of family long pass. for some, these past experiences is all we have to share together, i enjoy it.
  4. yea women and kids do hurt the gamerscore lol
  5. dark souls is a difficult game, congrats
  6. going thro some new bc games microsoft jus updated. working thro the whole fear series gettin points i missed all those yrs ago, which is pretty kool seeing two cheevos together with dates 10yrs apart. already did fear 1 and half of fear files as files has two campaigns. taking a break from the fear series with another newly bc game conan, then may go to max payne 3.
  7. sup everyone, ive used the site for years as a lurker and recently been goin thro the fear series since microsoft made em bc and wanted to drop some advice on achievements so i made a account. anyhow i am Paladin, and ive landed.
  8. i got gold for games with gold, unsubscribed a few yrs ago waiting for a month that is good enough for me to go gold again. im still waiting.
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