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  1. Started the game off in 1999 Mode and avoided buying any items from the Dollar Bill vending machines, and I thought the game was rather easy even with that limitation of having to only scavenge for items. A couple parts where a bit troublesome, but not to the point of calling it quits, just need to adjust my strategy. Overall epic story though!
  2. Pretty sure you are okay for accessing the Dollar Bill vending machines, just as long as you dont purchase anything.
  3. Well like many had already determined it was in fact an April Fools prank. Mentioned as such in the April Fools round up. http://press2reset.com/2013/04/02/feature-april-fools-round-up/
  4. Yes the 90's when just about every game had some rumor of a secret cheat code that unlocked hidden secrets. Those were the days. Almost miss the age of the cheat code. Which more games would go back to hiding them, I liked that BioShock Infinite made use of the Konami code to unlock 1999 Mode.
  5. Well I know that is in the game, but that would be crazy if Infinite was linked to Bioshock 2 like that.
  6. I remember the Zelda trailer, too bad that was never actually made into a movie, I'd have seen it!
  7. Good to know! Saves me from having to start up another playthrough just so I could try this out.
  8. That's what I thought. Good to know I didn't miss any secrets or such having picked the bird.
  9. Was there any significance to choosing the bird or the cage?
  10. Picked the bird as well. Seems like I won't waste any time trying to go back through the game to try it. At least not until someone else has tried and confirmed it.
  11. Would also explain the lack of any video, which is what made me question it's authenticity.
  12. I recall the tear in question, but didn't try to do anything with it. May have to make a second playthrough.
  13. Has anyone else stumbled across this Easter egg, or is it an April Fools joke? http://press2reset.com/2013/04/01/editorial-from-sky-to-sea/
  14. IGN Confirms the 28th and 29th. http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/08/28/the-walking-dead-the-game-episode-3-gets-a-release-date
  15. That is a great disappointment. I guess holding out for a possible Rising Star Games translation is always an option.
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