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  1. This boss is really simple once you understand what he does and doesn't do. He has a set pattern every time. First thing you want to do is, get up to the middle of the screen and get to the right-most-center platform. There is a laser pickup inside the car. Grab it and run to the left. All the way. Get onto the left-most platform and get near the edge. You can now double-jump and automatically grab the next-tier platform. All while spamming him with laser. Once he stops doing that, you can either continue double-jumping on the left side and then run to the right, or run right after the boss leaves the center of the screen. Now you repeat what you did on the left side, on the right. He'll do his stupid attack from the middle with his chest after throwing balls of fire at you. He will then smash the left side and you will, once again, repeat all of what i said.
  2. I think it really depends on how one decides to play the game. You could buy/demo bulletsoul and say wow this is lame everything I kill, the bullets disappear. It's not until you start point-blanking where the game opens up some. You're right that the barrier does take out some of the "guesswork" or "work" in general. I guarantee if one were to begin trying to milk heavier enemies and their dense fire that the game would make more sense and possibly become more fun. All the bullets clogged up by the barrier, how much time is left before the barrier disappears, what is coming next and where will my out be are all huge factors. Also, doing the above increases the difficulty of the game vs just shooting and using barrier as a shield; instead of a point catcher. Obviously, I can't tell or force someone to play the game how I would play it or to fully utilize what the game gives you verse its design nor can i sway one's opinion, but the game is well-made and definitely packs a risk/reward factor.
  3. 207 views in this thread. People are just dying to make their posts. I know they want to!
  4. Really? You thought Trouble Witches was, eh? I thought it was great. using the barrier to milk as many bullets as you can and then turning them into coins. Shiny things in shmups as a reward always makes them much more fun. Strania I wouldn't say is a mediocre shoot em up either, its borderline good. Dan'n all weapons to get a highscore and then using over drive on bosses to finish them or in certain sections does add depth to the game play.
  5. Felix. Nice job on the guide. While i dont really look at these I must say you definitely take pride and passion in things you like. Keep up the dedication.
  6. I understand this may not be a game that will appeal to the masses, but shit, you have stupid ass games like double d dodgeball or that stupid bad minton game having more posts than this game. At least this game grows on you and is actually a good game. What gives?
  7. achievements are ruining gaming, Tora. what would you rather them be? Kill 3 guys, beat one level and use 9 continues in a game? You know, stuff that involves nothing about the game.
  8. Oh c'mon. Assault Heroes was a very made game. I'm not sure i understand the longevity. Do you mean replay? Assault Heroes had replay in the form of the multiplier system.
  9. If you like the game or the genre why does price matter? I get the whole price-point argument. I get it, but if you're saving this purchase simply to save a few dollars on getting achievements...well thats about as pointless as getting achievements in the first place. On-the-flip. I do agree this type of game honestly is not worth 15 dollars and honestly it doesnt look that great.
  10. I'm not desperate enough to try this, but i'm sure someone will want to. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=309432 someone tackle it. Report your findings.
  11. I would say, No. Most achievements have the easy button that come included with them. Unless it says you have to do it on default settings and the like. Also to the guy who mentioned his 2 other favorites sites. I read the harmony one as e-harmony and thought, well thats a weird one to include. (:
  12. Once you hit 2500 you're good. Mine unlocked during boss rush mode once i hit 2500. Double check that you used all magic cards in both story and arrange.
  13. Best way is to get comfortable with the first 5-10 waves (level 1-1 to 10-7). Then learn to keep as many bullets on the screen as possible and using a card to finish off a boss to collect more star coins. If you have a roll card on the later waves (think 5+). Use it on the final form level 4 boss, to collect a crapton of coins from all the bullets. On stage 6 boss on his second form where he has the bullet "shield" that slowly edges to you. Keep the barrier up and use a card to finish him off when the bullets are right near you. 400+ star coins, easily. I think we both came from an era where it was about beating games to beat them and competing for highscore. I wasn't going to the arcade every week to get achievements. I was going to compete, beat and set the highscore on said machine. I know you had your thing with creating challenges, so i can see your like for achievements more than someone else (like me). Me personally? Regardless of my gamercard - believes achievements are truly stupid (95%) of them. My biggest issue with achievements are the lack of skill-based ones and even so, if someone struggled to 1 coin-credit said game and another guy did it in his sleep - there is no way to see that in the achievement. As you mentioned...or if someone put the difficulty to piss versus someone who put it on piss and vinegar. There's no deviation. My second biggest problem is that people think they are the end-all, be-all. That a game has no purpose other than text-based, digital popups. If a game had 20 achievements and none of them were to beat the game or beat it without dying. You have people gloating about how they "beat" the game. oh and Feliz, you can define average but you're right it is very arbitrary. One would have to consider themselves good, great etc and base it from there. There is a standard bar for gamers, just like there is an average pay scale, an average person, etc.
  14. Its all a matter of opinion. Obviously slaving through 20 levels of boss rush as some have done is way harder than taking an hour or less to figure out a few patterns. Level 20 is actually easier than 18 and 19. Which, IMHO were harder than 20. 20 was a relief. Using the right characters will leave any errors in guess-work to your barrier that protects you from 99% of all boss forms without having the worry of being hit. Ontop of that, the cards can save much frustration if held onto. While I take no slight of what you typed. My response should not be taken seriously. It's merely my disgust with another lame ass way to acquire achievements easier(you know this from talking to me). What I can say with a different perspective is how anyone affiliated with getting achievements for the most part are constantly looking for ways to make achievements easier(why). I then counter with whats the point of even bothering with meaningless popups if you're taking the achieve out of achievements. In the end, anyone who comes on here or youtube for walkthroughs or text guides, are only cheating themselves and making an achievement that should have been a 7 something much, much less. and dont get me started on the slew of guides that have incorrect difficulty ratings...
  15. In some respect the update makes it easier on single player. Increasing max lives from 5 to 9 means you get 3 continues in one run, plus whatever you pick up through extends.
  16. might as well put the 200 difficulty to 3, feliz.
  17. Ha, you're so kind. Nah, keep it at 6. My scale is not the norm. Don't please me. I just like to see what people's takes on difficulties are. That and I like to cause a raucous (: I tend not to speculate either because achievements only tell so much of the story being fixed. You reallly can't tell who is really good or who is just satisfactory. To his credit he does have a wish list of 3 or 4 shoot em ups. Maybe he just doesnt have the time/money to pick up new titles and has played previous titles in the past. Anyhow... As for the "easier" method. All you would have to do is play 1 area (ie., 5-1 to 5-7) and then see if it saves your progress. What would suck is if the code said something like, if player uses non-default settings save progress but do not allow completion of 20-1 unless 1-19 have been met on default settings. That would suck. If that is the case. I am truly sorry.
  18. You're right. Not nearly as hard as Trigger Heart. And Ikaraga gets challenging because you have to S rank every level. This has much shorter challenges. I only suggested a 7 because of Boss Rush Mode. 6 is actually perfect. After i typed 7, I contemplated changing it but figured it was too late. I always base 200s off an average gamer. 6-6.5 would fit the bill. Although, i have this weird feeling there is an easier way to get boss rush mode. I'm looking at this guy on TA and while I don't have much to go on I find it odd that he 200s this game and its the only shoot em up on his list aside from an arena shooter. Unless he played the shit out of this game on the PC...or he keeps his cards close (based on achievements). To further clarify my thoughts on boss rush. Neo mentioned changing settings. I wonder if you could change the settings to piss easy and get to 20-1(having it save) and then go back into 20-1 on normal settings...either way I wouldn't make an achievement that requires some skill, easier. Whats the point? I'm sure many other's will find that helpful if that is the case.
  19. Do you plan on changing the arbitrary numbers you put in for difficulty and hours played? I would put it more like 7/10 for difficulty and 10+ hours depending on skill. 5 would be accurate if someone is already familiar with the game.
  20. This is a tough one. For starters saying the odd achievements are easy is one thing but crying about your gamerscore ending in a any number other than 0 or 5? Is indeed dumb. People are worrying about a silly score by their name and nothing else is how it comes off as. Besides. If he really cared about his gamerscore why must it end in an odd number of 5? I like the game.
  21. Honestly. I see both points. But in the end it can be easy to misinterpret. one could argue the same thing when people create these guides to make "achieving" something lose the "i did it" factor and walk them through it. (: I see it as half-full..
  22. This achievement is not glitched. I think the problem is, is that there are 23 sacks in Zap it and not 22. I just found the sack i never knew existed and upon hitting the last sack i got the achievement. I have a feeling those who can't unlock this digital popup are missing the sack that is right inside the electricity on zap it. The part where you have the jelly fish and the spiked ball plant and you have to hoist the spikes up and have the current catch it and then energize it and have it cut the plankton (or whatever it is).
  23. It's time based. You eventually get free play.
  24. boomdizz and kniznight i'm going to send you a message on xbox...but incase you check this first you have 2 reference points. I have myself and another person who are looking to get the 6-player and fool me digital popup.
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