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  1. I know it sounds dumb, but I've had the box freeze 4 times (2x in same places) when I've got missions being completed for Med. Defense. I suppose the game can't keep up with the constant autosaves or something.
  2. Anti-Material Rifle A Light in Darkness Assault Carbine I'm a very light-weight player, I suppose
  3. I just beat that section, so maybe this will help. I noticed in all 'Run' sections on Expert that if you shoot, it slows you down. So only shoot at the first couple torches, the first ceiling, and a few torches after that. It should give you enough of a headstart that you are almost an entire section ahead of Voldemort. After that, just tap the trigger to hit things like ceilings and some book cases near the end.
  4. I was actually thinking it was like a small version of Dante, too. The branching upgrade system is nice. I just always think it's funny when people on these forums with 50k+ gamerscore complain about quality in games. We're all going to end up playing the bad games anyway; games like this are a nice break from block buster titles for me.
  5. Same here, I'm enjoying it for the 15 or so bucks it cost. Music is pretty nice sometimes, too. When I went to buy it, two cashiers started saying it was bad. I asked specifically what was bad about it, and it turns out they didn't even know a single person that played it.
  6. Freakin' love the song! During the conference when I heard it for a minute, I instantly wanted them to stop and let me hear the rest.
  7. Same here! I have a laughably horrid time at some of the songs, but I've managed to enjoy it enough to almost get 5 stars on easy for all. That's more effort than I put into the Rock Band games, or even Elite Beat Agents.
  8. I just took everything a little slow and payed attention to where the bad guys were. The hardest part for me was get to the chopper from the church, but even that was just trial and error.
  9. I'm hoping to get this game within the month, and it's nice to hear some pro/con feedback. I didn't know that you could do the singing and dancing, I thought it was either/or based on the song. (Haven't looked too much into it, hoping for a surprise) I'm not too put off by the seemingly lackluster tutorial, since I'm still sloughing my way through Dance Central. Besides, having a $10 coupon from BB helps solidify the deal
  10. Mine is Word Up because my friend thinks it's hilarious, and I always imagine Levar Burton in the beginning like the video.
  11. REH, nady, I've sent you both a message. I plan on play this on and off this weekend. Reply back on life and maybe we can set up a time.
  12. If you want the stuff, here's the suggested order: Book: Revelation *see note Mass Effect 1 *see note Book: Ascension Comic book: Redemption (4 issues, or in 1 paperback trade) Mass Effect 2 Book: Retribution *note: There is the Comic Mass Effect:Evolution, which deals with the origins of the Illusive Man and the founding of Cerberus. You can read this before or after playing Mass Effect 1, since the events regarding Cerberus in ME1 are only side missions. I strongly suggest reading it before Ascension, as that book deals directly with Cerberus activities. It's a four-run series with 3 available as of the 23rd this month.* This is the order I did when I started replaying a few weeks ago (save the newer comic). I hope this helps, and I also hope you really enjoy your trip into the game's universe. Reading the codex in the games adds alot, and you'll definitely get a better perspective of Saren and Captain Anderson. There are also interviews and a Sci vs Fi feature available on the Game Video marketplace. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.
  13. Same here, I've held on to around 1k points for 2 months because of this.
  14. Any use on the headset yet? Namely, the old chestnut question of the audio abilities. I'll be picking up my copy on Friday. When I called BB this morning, the associate said that if my receipt lists the headset, then I'll get it guaranteed.
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