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  1. Do you use second account on a second xbox? If so, on the xbox you play your 1st account on log onto it with your second account. Go to settings and set your licenses to this xbox. Then re download again with the second account just to be sure. You should then be able to play content on this xbox without the 2ns account logged in. I have a daughter and run into problems like this sometimes when she wants to play a game I downloaded. Hope that helps, if you still need help.
  2. I was wondering the same thing, I am not 100% sure. I thought I was doing great, but then noticed that one of the torpedoes at the end after the backup capital ships arrived made it to my carrier. Where it gets weird about targetting them. So I reset to checkpoint and finished it I thought without missing any. And this was after a few tries... I really had a good feel for where and when they would be coming. -No Achievement. So I played again right after and didn't checkpoint reset at all. Achievement popped. So to me I kind of think the checkpoint didn't work at least because I let one by and it registered it as a fail for that attempt. Maybe if you reset a checkpoint just for health or ammo it won't punish?
  3. I was also having a lot of trouble with this. Tried above suggestions but was still having trouble. I liked the bomber but was not fast enough at taking out the enemy guns at end stage so I tried again and used the bomber with 4x seeker missles. 200 seekers all together. To start: I tried to take out some fighters with seekers, then guns to finish a wave. repeated until the bigger ships showed up and demolished them with seekers and torpedos very quickly. You get a checkpoint right before the 2 cruisers so I hit that and replentished the seeker missles. Then hit afterburner towards the 1st cruiser and launched 2 sets torpedos at it on way then slowed down over it and unleashed about 70 seekers. turned and hit the other cruiser with torpedos and seekers when i got closer, then torpedos to finish both. I barely had 1/3 health on my cruiser when started and they barely scratched me. the seekers took out most of their armaments. Worked 1st time I tried this combo.
  4. Peppermint Butler has a remove curse ability, and keeps Death from showing up in your levels. I've been playing this one with my daughter and we were having a terrible time of making progress in the game. We were kind of stuck at level 31 because Death kept showing up and we couldn't make it to the exit. I bought Peppermint Butler and we (she) is having fun again. For that reason I guess he was worth it. - But the other two I could have done without.
  5. Just finished that game a little while ago and had no problem... But I used to have tons of similar issues and no matter how much I screwed with my tv I always ended up needing to screw with it again for a different title. I might have a good solution to this problem for you, it worked great for me.. Problem is it uses xbox one tv calibration tool. Go to your settings on your xbox one and choose the tv calibration tool. It takes a few minutes to do it all but once you have your tv set right you might notice a huge improvement accross all games.. I did.
  6. Dusk X2

    Get it for $20 now

    I didn't think it was all that bad. Terrible ending imo. But going for the Just a Ghost Achievement on level 1 was fun. I liked the vampire power ups too. Until I figured out that they kind of broke the stealth aspect. Just kill everything with vampire grip... If you can find it cheap I would say give it a try, you could rent, or buy used then trade it. (the latter is what I usualy do with most games)
  7. Dusk X2

    any good?

    It has one of the strangest boss fights I've ever seen. It's like they were almost done making the game and then realized they had 1 hour to finish it when they needed a week. A few terminals accessed as you run around in circles and take NO damage? weird. - Just finished it btw. Came on here so see if anyone else felt same.. guess not?
  8. Yes thank you! This one was by far the worst. damn silver studs kept going in every direction but the right one.
  9. Looking to play this co-op and multiplayer... Gt: Dusk X2
  10. I totally agree. This game has a terrible Multiplayer feel to it. Unbalanced classes, shitty spawn points, and NO ONE is talking -probably because they are all so frustrated. ... I've played about over 3 hours now and it is only getting worse as everyone figures out the angles to snipe from. I've been on winning and losing teams but one thing I have also noticed is there is never a fair fight. The winning team always CRUSHES the competition. I think that evidences the kill streak rewards are just too damn big a cannon to a pea shooter fight. I feel bad for DICE, they know how to put together a good game theyve done it plenty, this is embarising for them.
  11. Online Monday night till Tuesday morning looking for help with a few of the multi cheeves. Will help helpers with same. send msg-
  12. I got it by grinding it out. I'm pretty sure if you activate LB-B before the blue health/hero bar is 100% is full it don't give you credit for a Heric Storm. The effects are different if you activate earlier. So I was looking at my achievements, realized 38 was gonna be a little tough without purposely trying for it and found a good spot to grind. Before defending the relic there is a spot where 4 enemies (barbarian type, not those damn monkey things) infinetly respawn and drop down a small ramp to attack you. I just sat there and killed them until bar full, activated the storm and repeated. You can steal their weapons when yours breaks. It's a pretty good spot and I also think it helped me get my dodging achievement later in the game.
  13. And don't forget one of the best games ever that also had hot topless (topless topless, no electric tape x'd over the nipples!) chicks to boot: God of War.
  14. Hi, I just stopped in my local Circuit City today, they do have Xbox 360's 20 or 30 percent off now. Looked like they only had a few left. The arcade one was $153, definately lowest price for a new one I've seen. They had probably a couple of hundred guitar hero games with various controllers and versions too. I was really surprised how many of those they had, but no blu ray players... I picked up gh3 - legends of rock with the wireless controller for $59 after tax.
  15. I think its good. The more I played it the more comfortable I am with it. (I preferr first person point of view) I think if you like this game you might like Stranglehold. because it's a third person action game too.
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