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  1. Heyy!! I'm from Scotland too

  2. I'm looking for a team to get Talking bout Team practice, Team Up and Throw down.
  3. My friend has one and had to get two replaced because of faulty batteries.
  4. Yeah you've finished it until the next DLC, Skate 2 had 1,500G and I'm sure Skate 3 will end up adding another 250G.
  5. Had enough, Decided to delete my save and beat all the pros. AGAIN to see if that helps.
  6. I need strength in numbers, The Real Deal and still something to prove.
  7. Cheers for 10. Break your groin on an object and one hand gesture. I found this alot easier at the dam than Hidaki tower.
  8. I must have there numbers because I got. How do you like them apples achievement. Maybe if I beat them all again.
  9. I have beat everything in career I have nothing left. Well there's hall of meat and Team Film Challenges.
  10. So I did all the pro challenges and beat them all and no achievement. They all have a check next to their name on my phone, What gives? Please help me as I have 3 achievements left and I don't want to go through story again. I counted and I have 23 pros.
  11. November 2007. Got an Elite with Halo 3 and Forza 2 and a extra controller for £340.
  12. I'm looking for somebody to help me do the freeskate challenges.
  13. I just need postman now but I'll help you with the others.
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