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  1. There's talk that A-rod might get a lifetime ban for possibly destroying evidence.
  2. I feel like I'm one of the few people actually looking forward to this. Everyone seems to be dismissing the game because it uses Kinect exclusively. Harmonix is the one developer that I trust to make a good Kinect game.
  3. Note that the game still does require an internet connection, but you can play alone.
  4. I'm very interested to see if there is any noticeable difference. Seeing how PS players are getting exclusive content, I didn't expect them to say the X1 version would be superior.
  5. So Chris Davis just hit his 36th HR. He had 33 all of last year, and 44 from 2008-2011. I know coming up he was a big time prospect, but this is getting ridiculous.
  6. Really proud of what my Pacers accomplished this year. Big offseason coming up though - can't strike out on improving the bench again.
  7. I'd be interested in getting one together like we did for football
  8. Completely agree. Not sure Myers and Bauer upgrade their rotation that much. Offense is miles better though
  9. I hope we keep it going next year, one of the more fun leagues I've been in
  10. Bingo. While she wouldn't be able to match up with Zeller or Plumlee, she be serviceable for many others.
  11. Looks like the Pacers' home streak finally ended. When Granger comes back, it's going to be near impossible to beat them in Indy. On the road though, it's a different story
  12. It's absolutely a problem for Lohse, no team thinks he's good enough to give up the draft pick. For Bourn, I think his asking price was so high to begin with and it hasn't dropped. I read he was looking for 5Y/$75M, whereas Pagan got 4Y/40M. But it's Scott Boras, so he still may get that after all.
  13. I don't suppose it's possible to view the Final Hours app without the Kindle Fire right? Shame, because that's the bundle that interests me the most
  14. I think I remember seeing that it's not possible to add a brand new squadmate at this stage. Some of the files would have to be on disk a la Javik. So it's extremely unlikely
  15. I loved how he made you defend your past choices, but wish there was a bit more variation if you didn't steal the supplies
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