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  1. Great guide. One note I would make is that there are two Baguette's in each run, and if you have Solomon's familiarity skills purchased you can max it with one use anyway. One baguette is in a camp near the tower in Fallgrim, the other is near the Dim Gate.
  2. It's all really quite easy, but then the no-shell / obsidian black achievements crank it up.
  3. Something that has been pondered/ is in pre-production I believe.
  4. Maybe we all secretly have 2 copies of DS3 in our boxes.....
  5. Meet Kriugeris, our resident expert Griefer. I also enjoy PvP but from the opposite perspective. I thrive on guarding my host Phantom from invaders, or outwitting the more creative opponents out there. It's all part of what makes Dark Souls so uniquely dynamic to play. Emergent gameplay, the players make the game.
  6. I disagree, Dark Souls has a fantastic soundtrack all of it's own as well.
  7. 1. Some more easily used storage system, foraging through reems of items was a chore. 2. Better ranged control, the crosshair for manually aiming a bow was very off at range, and the crossbow had none. Take it away entirely if necessary so you have to judge your shots by eye but make it more viable to use as a primary offense. 3. I liked the death animations someone put on here, sounds interesting. 4. Give players habits some kind of visual indicator. For example, if someone is a frequent invader and has taken many a life give them a darker aura, or a different colour or a trophy on their armour to represent this, conversely give constant co op players a halo, or a brighter aura. Would be interesting to see. 5. Make the Darkmoon Blades (Or their equivalent) more relevant. Make them stronger depending on the number of sins the perpetrator has committed or something, I love the idea of an in game Police. 6. Be ambitious, I heard talk of boats and chariots and was scared and interested. I want them to make drastic changes but retain the core of the game we have all come to love and cherish. Do not give us all a character to play, making your own one up was one of the joys of the game.
  8. So many moments. Jumping off of a cliff on a quadbike to then dismount and wingsuit away. In a car chase with some enemy technicals, I head off road and end up flying off of a hill, break into a crazy roll, fly off of another hill, get set on fire, car still rolls, hits a tree and ends up in a lake which puts out the fire. At which point the quote "Like a Glove" from Ace Ventura comes to mind.
  9. I think the dream sequences actually work quite well for the most part, it's all metaphorical for what's supposedly actually happening which helps keep things dramatic. It's hard to pull off cinematic boss sequences in an FPS but it does a good job. OT: The quotes can seem to mirror some of the events of the game, as does the story itself mirror the game's. Jason falling deeper down the rabbit hole. Aside from that it certainly adds to the sense that everyone on Rook island is freaking insane.
  10. While this is more than a fair point, the difficulty came for gamers not in the form of crazy hard enemies and punishingly cheap sections, it was the requirement to game in a different way. Patience is not something modern games tend to utilise whereas DS demands it, trial and error and a steely nerve were the names of the game. It was whilst doing this, repeating sections in new ways, that you experience the rest of the beautiful DS package. The mind blowing environments, incredible art design, enigmatic lore. As you said DS was not necessarily about difficulty, at least not in a traditional sense. To survive in Lordran you need to become a more patient, collected and intelligent gamer. This is why so many gamers scream "It's too hard!" because they refuse to adapt. I for one am a far better gamer as a result of Dark Souls, and I hope they keep their own brand of difficulty over the traditional Easy, Normal, Hard bullshit that most games tend to use.
  11. A slightly different view. I've been playing Resi since 2 and am a huge survival horror fan. This game is most certainly NOT a survival horror. However I decided to take the game at it's own value and I thoroughly enjoy it as an action game. Once you accept what it is, you allow yourself to enjoy the game so much more. It has some pretty intense combat scenarios, a couple very good boss fights (amidst a plethora of dull ones), strong Co op play and that ridiiculously OTT storyline that is a resi trademark. Play the demo again and try to get a feel for the combat because that is the primary thing this game has to offer, if you think you could like it, it's definitely worth a pick up in my opinion. Please note that I in no way disagree with those hardcore Resi fans who can't stand the new direction for the series. I have never revered Resident Evil the way some fans do, and am only just experiencing this kind of panic and anger about a games direction with Dark Souls 2's apparent new take. I feel for you people.
  12. There is no achievement or anything. Perhaps a new title for your dog tag. Also you get double skill points in No Hope so that's something. How have you found it? I haven't yet tried it out as I'm still whittling down Professional.
  13. I've managed to earn myself exactly 220 MS poits via Xbox live rewards, for £4.25 I've been coaxed into buying the DLC. General consensus seems to be thumbs up to Onsluaght, mixed on the others. EDIT: On closer inspection, Predators is unique, Onslaught is a good fun progression of Onslaught and Survivors is an easily exploitable yet potentially fun game mode.
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