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  1. Hi guys, I have searched the forum for answers to what I am about to post. I am sorry if there is a double post. Ok I have been on the website of the doom beta code validation page @ www.wolfenstein/doom when I go to input my code that I received from my preordered wolfenstein it comes up saying, "sorry this code has already been validated", now it cant be already validated as it straight out of my sealed game. has anybody else had the same issues as me on this. I have tried 3 times now and I get the same thing every time, any help in this matter is much appreciated. many thanks Angry.
  2. Hi I am playing black ops again on another profile and I am trying to find the Intel Guide on this forum, as for some reason ever time I click on XVCii 007's its coming up THIS IS A PRIVATE VIDEO why is this any help in this matter is much appreciated Regards ~ Angry x3h /// Angry xBs
  3. All I use is my pistol with explosive ammo and my 2 turrets with armour piercing ammo when going into the cabin area set ya 2 turrets up then stand behind them with ur weapon and shoot like mad at its open mouthe my turrets 90% of the time take them out l8ly ive had 3 rhinos attacking me and like I said the turrets do the job for me with me shooting at them also hope this helps. reference the ammo I only use explosive ammo and 95% of ppl I play with use the same as they say that armour piercing ammo is not as effective as explosive ammo....
  4. Great guide m8, this helped me out big time finding those damn collectables nice one
  5. Same here Job Done and Brothers In Arms And Global Warfighter is glitched for me also.... i got the There is an I in Fire Team but not the others ...
  6. That's a good idea shiftie it would be good for people to represent this site in warfighter and battlefield games
  7. I could not of put it better myself m8.... I have had loads of mine kills i have been lucky a few times and have had 5 kills @ once with them as its so funny when you see a few of them in a APC's / IFV's and bang up they all go so funny to see hehe. But seriously the way people drive the buggys APV's tanks etc they just fly around in them in a rush to get to each base and most of the time by the time they have spotted your mines its to late. Aslong as you keep placeing them on all entry routes trust me your mine kills will come and the points that your earn just pile up.
  8. Peacemakerxp are you gonna update this list as we have a few now, just so that we all know if we are gonna do it or not thx... I am also in the UK so its 8pm GMT cool. GT :- Angry X3H
  9. I need help with COOP mission achievments ive done all of them apart from 2 i will also help anybody with theirs the 2 i need are as follows:- Ninjas ach on exfiliration. & Bullseye ach on drop em like liquid. I have completed all coops on hard and am willing to help anybody who helps me out Also Peacmakerxp i will be up for the ach trading on saturday with you guys, so if you guys need a hand put my name down and i will be there on saturday thx. My GT is :- Angry X3H
  10. I will help if anybody needs help on the survival missions just send us a msg
  11. Great guide Nozza m8, i have just 1 query m8... I have looked endlesley to see what weapon the G25C grenade launcher goes on as thats the only one i canno figure out, your help in this matter ia appreciated m8 ty.
  12. Hi, Has anybody got an idea where the popcorn is in the titty bar? ive been looking for over an hour now andcant seem to find it anywere, ur help is appreciated thx....
  13. Well Said!!! Being an es soldier this game is excellent in the realsim catagries grfx are great..... You should of been around when i was young playing games like Commandos those were the days.
  14. All yyou have to do is play a game with 3 friends on ur friendlist, as soon as game starts achievment will pop up
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